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  • craigcryan99 3d

    Clean-up on Aisle 'Craig'

    My personality type is Pericles in the Parthenon.
    I'm so type-1 Cry-abetes
    My bedsheets border bulletproof.
    I sing insults slowly
    And give fortune-cookie-compliments.

    I have acceptance-fueled confidence.
    I make moves like monuments.

    Potential and Luck just chill on my kitchen chairs
    calling me by my real name.


    "The Disaster Artist' was inspired by me.
    My own jokes laugh at me
    Like I'm some satire of someone else.

    I spell "happy" like
    And I'm not dyslexic.

    Sorry for spilling out.

  • craigcryan99 3w

    Land $nail

    When I'm at home
    I can silently sit, sip tea and sling statistics at the telly like
    "There are about 7000 species of snail"
    And I'm definitely one of them,
    This shell around me is comfortable so why would I bother leaving it?
    It's a scary fucking place out there.


  • craigcryan99 4w

    Tell me truth through cursive rather than curses,
    I'll call it 'unspoken word'.
    Words unspoken just eat at the brain until it breaks down;
    1999 Ford focus.
    Focus on soaking in toaster-less baths of friend-ships and

    To sink.


  • craigcryan99 5w

    Loyal to the team; Vinnie Jones in Mean Machine.
    When I pop up does she smile?

    Or does she swipe my name away
    like she's trying to clean the screen?

  • craigcryan99 6w

    "Why can't you sleep?"

    Because I like to put all of my eggs into one basket and watch them


  • craigcryan99 7w

    Make up your mind.
    Nothing but make-up on your mind.
    Say "bonjour" to contour,
    but "el natural" should be the focus,
    Your eyes are magic tricks
    and my replies are "hocus pocus".
    You rolling them is my trap-door,
    And I hope I'm not falling for you.
    I'll likely land on self-pity,
    And burn my tongue cause it called you pretty.
    I lose my breath in your presence, your words are underwater cities.
    I could get lost in them


  • craigcryan99 7w

    I Should be Asleep.

    Wet muck spludges, a cold wind whistles through my hands.
    There's no crunchy bacon crisping up on frying pans,
    Or a cracking sky with clouds that crack open like Heineken cans

  • craigcryan99 8w

    There's no magician in this 'cricle'.
    I can handle tricks,
    Melt-down to vibe like candlesticks.
    Progression can make 20 men panic like corner-kicks.
    A set-piece, it takes a set of minds to develop a mindset.
    But what's a mindset if you can't see the vision?
    a blindset?
    Just blind men.

  • craigcryan99 8w

    I Swear this one is about Writing.

    Can you feel me?
    Sex without the condom.
    I'm soulful,
    That means these lines are for the soul.
    Every inch is interesting.
    "Just right" like the third porridge bowl.

    Can you feel me?
    Hit it without protection
    Like no bodyguards watching,
    Or first dates upon reflection.
    Too nice,
    Couldn't cross me at intersections.

    Can you feel me?
    Probably not...
    Deeper than misconstrued,
    Ocean blue, Albert Camus.
    Serviettes without the food;
    I stay clean.
    But best belive I'll be tucked into top buttons
    Or around your neck
    So you can feel me.

  • craigcryan99 8w

    Imagine HoT WaX

    I'm that flicker in the candle light;
    Thoughts go back and forth like Hula dancers,
    My database limitless.
    Brain is tough metal like German Panzers
    but I don't have the answers.
    I write like the taste of sprite, unpredictable.
    Love at first sight.
    I want to be the darkness when it's bright.
    I want to branch out and make leaves.
    Potato in a blight.
    I grow like oaks in a redwood forest.
    If I'm not even half the person I want to be,
    I've fallen short.
    Collapsed into a self-inflicted slumber;
    Part-time lumberjack, full time lumber.
    If I'm not half the person I want to be,
    Then maybe I don't have the legs to finish the race.
    Maturing requires balance so don't put me in roller-slates,
    The recipe is water, I need a break to hydrate.
    If I'm not half the person I want to be
    then that candle light will go out as soon the bedroom door slams.