Sometimes when things shift, just stay focused and on point!

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  • craigswilson 1w

    Smoke Screens

    How can you know what it do and not know what it does?
    How can you know what it is and not know what it was?
    The Wind comes and goes, you can feel it, you can hear it;
    but cannot see it, like in rhe Spirit.
    If you know it's Origin you need not fear it!
    Need not be distracted by the smoke screen, just listen and you will hear; exactly what's there when the smoke Clear!
    Assassinated Charater but I won't Stop trying;
    I'd rather be a live Dog than a dead Lion!
    By the way; where does all of these (Smoke Screens) come from anyway?

  • craigswilson 2w

    Proverbs 31:30;

    Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that fears the Lord, she shall be praised.

  • craigswilson 4w

    Learn that you are Valuble

    This is to (All Who Will Hear) Stop devaluing yourself:
    What I am saying is stop for a minute and take a clear veiw of yourself saperate from what other's may see you as!
    Don't ever think of yourself as less than anyone; because you are not any less than anyone else! I know that we live in a world where many people put themselve's above other's and from that disposition they opporate and function. So people get caught up into the idea!
    The whole idea is a lie, and it is not the truth!
    No one is better than anyone else; that is all imaginary! It is not real.
    We are not here to be better than someone else; we are here to learn self, and to be the best self that we can be; and with that to understand that we will never know what our best is if we ever give up! It's ok to stop and reevaluate our selve's and or change directions if that is what we deem as good, true and right for us to do. I write this in hope that someone may read this and be motivated to be the best person that they can find within themselve's!

  • craigswilson 4w

    Proverbs 21: 30;KJV

    There is no wisdom nor understanding nor counsel against the LORD.
    Acts 5:39; But if it be of God, you connot overthrow it; lest haply you be found even to fight against God.

  • craigswilson 6w

    It's Not Love

    I showed my emotions to you, and you were not pleased;
    when I displayed brovado you except it with ease!
    I continued to perform in this way because it made you smile;
    and that just took me too far away from myself, and my smile
    became a strain after a while. Do l blame you? no I cannot;
    but I have come to the end of this charade, I've given all that I've got!
    I blame myself for allowing me to go so far away from who I am;
    for living such a big lie, running a dam scam!
    I know that the act made you feel good, and you rewarded me well
    each and every time; but I got so caught up until I nearly lost my mind!
    Now the curtain has come down, and the act is over;
    the high is gone and my mind is sober!
    You can have everything back that you ever gave me; I'll just go back to my old place and not worry about how you say that you made me!
    It is time for me to reacquaint with myself, to salvage the time that I have left on this earth; to remember my true purpose that I had since my birth! Yes I lied to you , I saw how it made you happy; when ever I told you the truth you said I hurt you, remember the time that you slaped me? So I new what to do to keep you smiling, and myself styling! All I'm trying to say is when you were happy with me, I was not happy with myself; I'd look into the mirror, and I'd see someone else!
    Someone that I had started to hate; I tried to keep it up but this
    just could'nt be my fate! I just have to stop now it's time for me to go;
    I don't blame you for being who you are, but the conversation about
    what we can change, it's much too late for that love oh no!

  • craigswilson 6w

    No Love

    Lord sometimes I feel like I want to scream;
    the thought of a reciprecating love is no more
    than a fantasy, a far disdant dream.
    I feel isolated from love, separated by an invisable
    wall; in every face I see, I see no love at all.
    The human touch is just not the same without that
    real connection; it's just not fulfilling with out true love and affection!
    Have you every felt a touch that made you look into the
    other person's eye's, with your heart filled with desire until you
    see through their desguise?
    Right then you know the truth, but then you just ignore it;
    you ran right into it and you were not even looking for it!
    You just keep on going trying to sqeeze love out of it;
    until you finally realize that you are not going to get
    one drop, not even a little bit!
    I tell you no lie that well is dry; let someone else drink that
    imaginary water, I'll catch my rain from the sky!

  • craigswilson 8w

    A Bizarre Encounter

    There is a woman that I am interesred in, but she has no interest in me;
    and then there is this women that is interested in me, but I have no interest in her: and if that's not twisted enough; the women that I am interested in is interested in a friend that has no interest in her; I know a guy that is interested in the girl that is interested in me and get this, she has absolutely "no" interest in him! Once I took the time to set back and look at all of this I had to write about it because it is just bizarre to me
    then I thought that maybe I should go ahead and date the woman that wants to get with me, but I could'nt, or at least just don't want to and so I will remain single indefinitely!

  • craigswilson 11w


    Life will keep coming at you at a high rate of speed; but don't let it take you too fast,
    just get what you need.
    You were born and bread to win, losing is not an option; and once you put your mind into it
    there won't be no stopping!

  • craigswilson 13w

    Endless possibilities

    What are you doing? What happens on the Movie Screen and the T V is fine;
    But what are you doing? Don't you know that God is Watching? What you do before Him is what really matters, let that sink deep into your mind. People spend so much time focusing on there image and how they look to other people; trying their best to empress not aware of all of the peep holes. I say pay more attention to self and on self improvement; compare yourself to no one, that is the key to starting your own movement! To reach your peak; you don't have to sneak just reach!

  • craigswilson 15w

    Another Side Of A Good Thing

    Sparks flying lighting my mind Up Like the Sky; fire balls bursting through my body Simultaneously, multiple explosions through the night as we lie.
    Sounds from you shocking my senses; a side of you I've never seen fogging my mind lenses! Love, like, heat, passion; I can't believe this is happening; at some point I think you were slapping me; I can't believe how long this is lasting!
    I have no complaints; but the girl you were earlier, tonight you are not; the woman I used to know, you ain't; my heart my love Woman you got! I experienced multiple colors through out my mind and in my body; you have transformed from the other lady into this bad ass hottie! I just love the New hair Style the multiple color choices; when you whispered in my ear I could have sworn that I heard voice's. Now it's day break and you're still here; Everything is lovely, there is no fear.