Sometimes when things shift, just stay focused and on point!

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  • craigswilson 1w

    All Such Thoughts differed

    Have you ever thought about the day that you die, of your own funeral?
    I guess there is nothing wrong with the thought it self; while I live I thank God for the time that I have left. I know that such a day will come on it's own; there is no need to rush it, just live life until it is all gone. But still I just was thinking about that day and I was thinking about the faces of the people and wondering would they see me for who I am or for someone that I am not; all of these thoughts are differed, and I thank God for the life that I got! It's alright to think of these thoughts and to do your best to describe them with words; so long as All Such Thoughts Differed!

  • craigswilson 1w

    What Is Love?

    Well,I love to love, I love love; I love loving and being loved, all good things come from above! Have you ever given love and not gotten love back; and the recipient of your love just so happens to lack? Ok and so you've been in love with someone who may not have reciprocated; things didn't go as you anticipated. Different views long + short fuse; displeasure set's in, ones complaining, ones singing the blues.
    A change in direction be careful how you choose; but to give up on love, you refuse! A lot of time and effort; like a Sheep with a Wolf disguised as a Shepard. You have a great power to share with the right person; but when you give it to the wrong one you wind up cursing! What is Love? it's not just a word, love is strength in time of weakness; love is boldness wrapped up in meekness. Love is the same thing through and through; love makes you get back up after you've been knocked down, love is what sustain you! Love is the driving force; for when we are off love puts us back on course! Even though we can feel it, love is more than just a feeling; we are the catalyst through which love travel to reach those in need of healing. Love is Life Ever Lasting; it is here for you and for me it is our's without ever asking! Love is all of this and so much more; it is more than can be said for Love is Love for Sure!!!

  • craigswilson 2w

    Love is what you are made for

    You are a wild flower growing in every season; I love to love you, for you are the reason! How you came up from the dirt, it had to hurt; how did you manage to grow through the concrete, the artificial turf? To show yourself in your many shades of beauty; the truth in your eyes just shoots straight through me! Love is what you are made for; it's the only thing that can even the score.


  • craigswilson 15w

    Please Push The Door Open

    Why is the door of my heart closed so tight; with emotions so strong, why is it so hard to write?
    I know I want love and I need for you to come in; somehow I have forgot where I put the key once again!
    I keep letting thoughts disguised as rationale; keep me from the passion now!
    I always try to understand how things happen when they go wrong;
    I think it over and over again like replaying a sad, sad song.
    I try to use hindsight to get a clear perspective; while being honest with myself to help me get a pure directive.
    The mistakes of the past I don't intend to make; but I can only control myself, not anyone else, make no mistake!
    They say love is about give and take,
    When do we give, and what do we take?
    I believe in giving and receiving; that's what I be believing. The only thing that we take is what life throws at us; and we break it up like a head of lettuce.
    We dance to a love ballad; and take that head of lettuce and make us a Salad!
    Why is the door to my heart closed so tight; when I know it would be so nice and love makes everything alright!

  • craigswilson 20w

    That's What I Need

    Hey Ladies, you know when you open your heart all the way up because you have decided that this is it? When you love tell your heart bleed? Well I have to say, nothing less will work for me, that's what I need.
    You can tell when someone is not giving you their all; well so can I, and I can't except that "naw"!
    Nether should you; especially when you know that you deserve a love that is true.
    The more time you spend with the wrong person, is time wasted that you could have used to connect with the right person; and the less time you would be wasting with all the crying and cursing.
    You know when you are willing to give your all without holding back, when you feel like you have found a love off which you can feed; well love that is just what I need.
    How are you going to have someone who looks at you as if they don't think that you are worth them giving you their all; and you still feel like you have to be there at their Beck and Call?
    That is insane; you have to find your brain.
    Someone to love not just in words but in deed; indeed that is what I need.
    Give me your best; I will not except anything less, so please don't test me; because that will only vex me.
    You have forced me to pay attention, and now I'm alert; I see things for what they are, and I'm not about to get hurt.
    Ladies, a Man can have everything that you desire in physical appearance, but lack the inner workings that you need to complete you; and you will still continue to give yourself to him helplessly, while knowing that he is not true.
    Well you know, Men we do the same thing; because being in love it feels so good it makes our hearts sing!
    Love Is Beautiful and good, and off of it we feed; true love is what people want and that's what we need!


  • craigswilson 21w

    Love Is In Perfect Order

    Has anyone ever seen an eye in an apple, has anyone seen the Apple of my eye? If you do see her, tell her I said that she can walk right into my heart and I won't even try to stop her;
    tell her I won't stop looking until I've got her. You see I don't know who she is or what she looks like; but when we make our connection it will be just like riding a bike. It will be a perfect time in life for the two of us to get together, to emerge our aura's; to feast on love, ours will be a full course! The blending of our essence; will be so pleasing, and so pleasant. You see this love was made in Heaven; predesigned to feed our souls like holy leaven. The emerging of beauty, love and passion; puts everything in it's proper perpective, in good love fashion. Our hearts will be blending not clashing; true love is ours just for the asking! We are different and so is our love; from all others, we have been designed for one another. Our love is music, our rythemes are insync;
    I'll pour you a cup of my love for your soul to drink. My love is your healing strength to make you forget all of your worries; come in to the garden of my heart and take your fill of my love berries. Here is my heart and my hands for you to hold; I will cool you in the heat of Summer, and worm you when it is cold. Everything that we have gone through has prepared us for each other;
    now, all we have to do is to come together and love one another!

  • craigswilson 23w


    Is what is locked up inside of my heart, and I have to find a way to bring it up to the surface; the beauty is the motivation for all my pursuits, yeah for all of the searchs.
    It has never been a contest, nor a competition; I am stressed to express this beauty here in this composition.
    It lives here with me and it never leaves;
    it is like an endless well of joy that I continually receives. Even though outter Force's has always attempted to convince me that what I have inside of me is not real; I can not suppress it, nor can II ever allow it to conceal.
    Negative Force's can't touch it, hater's they can't even come near it;
    they separate themselves from me, I have learned that it is because they fear it!
    I have learned to just be who I am, and allow my gifts to blossom; to awaken from a state of playing possum.
    To come into full bloom; to fill the whole world like an ointment that fills the room.
    To do what God made it to do; to lift others up and show them to the truth.
    To tell them that if you are down that it is because you are meant to come up; you were never meant to stay down so hold up your cup.
    It is time for it to be filled; the power that you have inside you no longer have to conceal. Those who have ruled over you in cruelty, they do you a great disservice; you will find that they would better serve as one of your servents, yeah so don't get nervous. Consider the possibility and think it not so strange;
    Arrise from the ashes and prepare yourself for the change! Let your inner beauty out; rejoice, scream and shout!

  • craigswilson 23w

    Love, Is Out There Somewhere

    I sometimes get the messages that Women are the most vulnerable when it comes to love in regards to relationships; but if you look out on the waters of life you will find there are as many men left on sinking ships!
    I carefully built up my Walls, all around with one way in and one way out;
    assuring all my thoughts of the necessity for these measures round about.
    I've seen the Enemy coming from afar, I sound the alarm; I fired my cannibal to keep me safe from harm.
    I repeat this process as often as I may deem necessary to keep my heart safe and secure; only to find that I've done all these things out of fear.
    Then suddenly here comes the Enemy again, and I command the drawbridge to be lowered all at once; and I willingly command the whole thing to be thrown down in surrender only to be left looking and feeling like a dunce.
    How, or why I've yet to be able to explain; I guess I really don't like the walls and the bridges and so I come out to suffer the pain!
    I tell myself that it is right, and all is well; I reach out to heaven, only to embrace the flames of hell!
    I study myself to try and ascertain; am I the reason for this pain? It seems like I was in someones Circus, where every act was done on purpose. I guess I was in the wrong place and at the wrong time; I allowed the pretty colors to clowd my mind. Before I knew it I was surrounded by her Garrison; how did I allow this to happen to me again this is imbarrising.

  • craigswilson 23w

    Pondering Of Relationships

    No matter how we imagine, or how strong we may dream; things are hardly ever what they seem! You can be dreaming about a new car, house, or a lover; now once you receive those things it's never as good as it looks on the cover!
    Something seems to be amiss, I'm attempting to address the issue; to separate the real from the supperficial.
    To find the balance, to put the pieces together; to make things work in a way that will last forever!
    At the least as long as it is supposed to; to better understand the things that we all go through!
    I do not want to get involved in another relationship that will not last;
    sometimes I just do nothing at all, to keep from making any of the mistakes of the past.
    I have to admit that I am blind and can not see when it comes to love and relationship;
    if you and the other person don't connect, there's no use in trying to make them fit!
    I would rather spare myself and the other person any unnecessary discomfort before I allow myself to get caught up in something that is just not right; two people trying to walk in a potato sack, and every step of the way all they do is fight.
    I see relationship kind of like that;
    trying to walk together in a potato sack.
    You need someone who you can walk together with in the potato sack where you both can find how to make it work
    out for the two of you; and yes it does take communication through the navigation and at the same time both must be true.
    You don't have to tell everything about yourself all at one time; a little here and a little there will be just fine.
    Just be clear about who you are and what it is that you actually expect from the other person; if you are both up front with it there will be no need for the fussing and the cussing!


  • craigswilson 24w

    Destruction Of Divorce

    While thinking about love, life and marriage; I started to ponder the rate of divorce in this life and here in America. I just can't help but to think that when there are children involved; why is it not enough to keep the bond of the parents? I mean I have heard it said many times that you should not stay in a unhealthy relationship and I don't argue with that at all!
    It's just that when you decide to call it quits you also are choosing to break the children's heart at the same time.
    Why is it that the love that you have for your child or children is not enough to make the both of you do what it takes to work things out? I'm just saying; I can't help but to point out that there is some selfishness involved in this process somewhere; you expect your child or children to just deal with it and except your excuses that it's nobody's fault that their hearts have to be broken in the process of your divorce. Why?
    Because someone decided that they want to do something different from what they have committed to previously! To be truthful it is someone's fault that the children's hearts are being broken. No one wants to step up and take responsibility for their part in the real reason for the divorce! Oh, don't talk bad about the other parent in front of the children;
    even if it is the truth: what? don't tell them the truth? I know sometimes they are too young to understand but they are going to want to know the truth about why they had to suffer the pain that they went through doing the same divorce that you guys went through! They deserve to know the truth; just something to think about!