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  • crazynori 3d

    I am witness to your displeasure
    I am victim of your abuse
    I am a release for your anger
    I am a witness to your crimes
    privy of your secrets
    I suffer the consequence of silence
    Beneath my lids I replay your horrors
    In the dark your shadow follows
    In the light my eyes search for your overbearing form
    You look so innocent
    Though to me,
    A witness
    A victim
    Knows better
    To see through your facade
    To break through the trance you set with your smile

  • crazynori 1w

    It hurts more than I thought
    The pain in my chest
    The tears
    The tears I never thought would fall
    I thought I was used to it
    I guess you were too important to leave behind
    To forget
    Does it hurt
    Because I hurt you
    Or am I hurt
    Because you are
    Because we will never be
    What we were
    Do I want to be?
    You can't forgive me
    And I can't understand
    I can't wrap it around my head
    That you gave up on us
    So quickly
    That I did too
    I don't deserve to be angry
    I don't deserve to
    But I am
    And I'm upset
    I'm hurting
    More than I thought I would
    Because I remember what friendship is
    I remember what we had
    And what we've become
    I didn't replace you
    You just became like everyone else
    And I was left
    At home
    And sick
    And depressed
    And alone
    And the one I thought would stay
    Because of me
    I'm angry at myself

  • crazynori 1w

    The Grey

    I've always wanted to feel...
    To be...
    To do something no one else had done
    To be recognized but in a brightest star hiding behind millions kinda way
    I always wanted to be
    The sun to someone's moon
    To be able lighten the weight of their wounds
    To be a fool in love
    I wanted to be a superhero
    A shape shifter
    I wanted to sing songs in front of a grand stage
    I wanted to write poems and recite them in a passionate voice
    I wanted to see my book in the palm of someone's hand
    I wanted to be
    The best part of me
    Do something no else has done
    With a sort of flare thats comparable to a burning flame
    I wanted to be
    I want to be
    Hidden glass
    In a sea of pebbles
    I wanted to be...
    I want to be...
    More than I am now
    And maybe
    Just maybe
    I'll be the grey
    In the black and white

  • crazynori 1w

    Hate and Death, Love and Life

    I wish we were fated to meet
    Like Life finds death
    And love discovers hate

    Because I am overcome by loneliness
    Like death conquers life
    And hate overwhelms love

  • crazynori 10w

    "And there I was... Sitting on the front steps on a cold winter night, looking at areoplanes wishing they were stars".

  • crazynori 11w


    Under an upside down world

    In the cool blue of the ocean

    My grandest fear

    My secret wish

    Reveals itself

    Among the corrals and fish

    My home

    My comfort zone

    The place where my body ceases to resist

    That burning fire

    It's natural desire

    To be in love

    And to be loved

    Even if it costs me... Everything

    But it is here

    Under an upside down world

    Where fear turns to hope

    And hate

    Transforms into love

  • crazynori 12w

    Are we not influenced
    By lies made dramatic,
    by transformed truths filled with flare?
    Is our society
    based on dishonesty?
    Decorated with big red bows
    And the promise of eternal ease

  • crazynori 12w

    Home lied in the strain of his smile,
    And the dullness of his voice
    Home existed 
    In the fragility of his tears,
    And the cracks of his broken soul

  • crazynori 12w

    The power of prejudice
    Comparable to the sun
    Too much of it
    And it renders you blind

  • crazynori 16w


    We exist in a unwild world

    Where loneliness is key

    And togetherness is an unknown entity

    When it appears our fist instinct is to flee

    Making me wonder if this reality

    Is truly the meaning of the word happy