I am the seeker of truths with many eyes, I wonder in the mist.

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  • creeplin 5w

    Her Smile

    I see sparkles in her eyes
    Thousands of lights, millions of lights
    Can never shine as bright
    As her true smile
    I lose sight, I'm stumbling in her true sight

    My mind is ripe, true beauty never seemed so right
    I'm high in sight, she smiles as bright
    I'm mesmerized
    I keep it all in mind, it's memorized

    Remember when I said I liked your nose, you should add your smile
    My mind is complicated, I know
    But it's always right
    I couldn't get my hands on a piece of paper, so I'mma text instead or should I write

    I won't write my name at the end, but I'mma sign "TS" instead
    that should spike a memory that should set alight, the flame inside


  • creeplin 17w

    I live in my own planet and I don't care what they say, but I wish someone would visit sometimes.

  • creeplin 17w

    #LoveYouStill #mirakee_qoutes #writersnetwork #pod #mirakee

    Image by Renee Jain

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    How can my mind forget you, when my heart still bleeds for you

  • creeplin 17w

    Lost battles

    There is a war down there
    In my mind, it's a battle field
    I feel alone at times,
    I distant myself from people,
    friends especially
    I often wish I can tell them
    what's going on in my head,
    but I don't want to burden them

    There is a war down there
    Am I overthinking this?

    I'm not a writer, just a broken kid
    With open wounds
    My swollen cheeks carry dry tears
    They know my story

    They know the battles I've fought
    My victories and my defeats
    I lay awake to draw my last breath
    The scythe shall carry my soul
    As I draw my last breath

    My broken skin,
    shall carry these words in black ink

  • creeplin 17w

    #tears #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod

    Image by Kat J
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    With these tears buried inside me, peace will never find me.

  • creeplin 17w


    There was a tinge of sadness in her voice
    Her heart bleeds
    Blood flowing through the cracks of
    her being
    Malicious intent coursing through her veins
    Is the day she unvealed her pain

    A single tear drop explained,
    what her heart couldn't attain
    I'm reminded of her pain

  • creeplin 17w

    I wrote this for someone close to me, she has been there for me through it all. Too bad she won't get to read it(•‿•)
    #CrushingOnYou #writersnetwork #pod #writersc #mirakee

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    I see you

    I hear your voice whispering
    in my ears
    Your high pitch laugh
    Brings a smile on my face
    It commands an instant smile
    A smile brewed from
    the dungeons of my heart

    Her eyes are filled with hope
    I have lost mine
    "Your knees shall never bruise",
    She says as gently lifts me off
    the ground
    I have always known that she has my back

    I ask myself
    Will I be able to be there for you
    Little do you know
    I hold my heart in the palms
    Of my hands
    For It is like a puppy
    Leaping at you with excitement

    I could never let it go
    I fear what I could lose
    I fear losing you

  • creeplin 17w

    •That kind of sunset•

    That kind of sunset
    I see when I set my eyes on you
    Woken from a nice dream
    It’s a nice scene

    That kind of sunset
    I see from your eyes
    From your voice
    I envision this scene
    Your laugh, dam!
    So, contagious

    Call out for me
    So that my heart can lay still
    Called out for me
    So many times I am losing focus

    That kind of sunset
    That got you leaving footprints
    on my chest
    In my feeling
    Yeah, I am drowning deep

    I call your name
    I call your name to my rescue
    But I don't want you to rescue me
    But to pull you in
    To pull you into my gaze
    For my eyes, I set on you

    #LoveInHerEyes #writersnetwork #pod #mirakee
    Image source: Tom Mackie

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    Inspired by that kind of sunset

  • creeplin 17w

    Silent prey

    I trusted you
    I trusted you to be there for me, to parent me and guide me through these wild terrains. The world is a cruel place, but you made it worse. It’s hard to feel good about yourself, when all your life you have been made to feel like you’re not good enough. No matter how much you achieve, no matter how much you try. Constantly living in your head, wearing different fake faces. Wishing you can win this race, I guess it’s life. Wishing you felt no pain, so you push away everything that comes close to you. It’s a trigger of emotions, so you show no emotions.
    As soon as that door opens, you put on your mask ready to face it all. You wish you can be free from it all. Start to think maybe you're toxic, inside you’re rotten. You keep it all bottled up inside, cannot let it out. Start to think you've got a cold heat, it’s molten. Fake smiles hide what’s real inside.

    #MyThoughtsBleed #pod #writersnetwork #mirakee

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  • creeplin 18w

    A poem begins as an empty thought eluding my conscious self, caught in a web of words.