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  • crisp_talks 4d

    You make me believe
    Life is not as dry as it gets
    You are the rhythm
    I don't hear otherwise

    The glow sky embraces with pride
    The settled dust on wet roads
    The richness you bring to life
    The happiness in leaves revive

    I never wrote a love letter
    But the comforting I experience
    Clenching onto your last drops
    Is somewhere along the lines.

  • crisp_talks 2w

    Blue is the sky
    Blue is the water
    Blue is my feelings
    Shifting from light to dark
    You will see only
    What reflects in your eyes.

  • crisp_talks 5w

    Sand in my hair
    Happiness in my eyes
    I look at the horizon
    Sun playing with the sky
    Throwing shades of red
    Ships sailing far from reach
    I was praising it all
    When waves swept over
    Washed away my dream
    And I woke up in my home
    Where I was hoping I would not be.

  • crisp_talks 7w

    दिल की वो आशाएं

    दिल की छोटी सी इबादत
    कामनाओं के महल में दबी एक
    छोटी सी मन्नत
    आशाओं के पंख उड़ान को तैयार
    आजादियो को छूने मन उसपर सवार
    चाहते है बस इतना ही जानना
    कब है उनकी बारी कब है आगे बढ़ना ।

    आखिर कब ख़त्म होगा वो इंतज़ार
    कब होंगे अंधेरे से फरार
    कहां है वो खुशी
    जिसकी कल्पना ही है इतनी अच्छी
    की बस बढ़ने का मन हो आगे
    रुके कदम बस वहां जाके
    जहा ना हो कोई डर
    ना हो कोई चिंता अपने सर
    जहा हो सबका मन सच्चा
    दिल की नादनी सब बुराई से रहे बचा
    ना कोई चोर ना कोई बुरा
    बस प्यार हो सबमें बहुत सारा
    यहीं है दिल की वो इबादत
    जो शायद हो कभी कुबूल ये मन्नत ।

  • crisp_talks 9w

    Sneaking from behind the clouds
    you take your time
    Make me wait
    My soul all anxious and dry

    Leaves floating in the air
    All happy and pleased
    Birds gazing up the sky
    from their humble refuge

    Your droplets slowly rolling down
    Drenches my soul first then the soil
    Leaves hold you against their heart
    Peacocks welcome you with open arms

    Humming my melodies, I smile
    Those days have finally arrived
    Monsoon is coming upon us again
    Waiting here I count days going by.

  • crisp_talks 10w


    Caged in her thoughts
    She abides by the society
    Bounded with all sorts
    The rules so mighty
    How will she not fail ?

    Each defined differently
    Brought up with variant chivalry
    Yet judged similarly
    Yet bellowed at, identically
    How will she not fail ?

    How much freedom
    Was allowed to her
    Nobody ever told
    Yet she was looked down upon
    For ever decision she made

    Her everyday struggle
    "Are mere adjustments" says some
    "Her life is so easy"
    Is what others says
    Isn't she the luckiest?

    Live her life for once
    Rather than forming an opinion
    Pass in tests she goes through
    And the struggles you will know.


  • crisp_talks 11w

    The night had it's charm
    Serene, peace and calm
    The moon shone brightly
    The stars were distant
    The day finally settled
    After a long stretched labour
    Blue sky caved in
    Black was the new colour
    Trees complimented the landscape
    Painted a beautiful picture

  • crisp_talks 11w

    It's A Choice

    Oh the places you will go
    Witness joy as never before
    Discover reality completely different
    Be happy somemore.

    Grow up or grow old
    That's your choice
    Settle down or roam around
    That's your choice
    Breathe the morning air or
    Dance all night
    That's your choice
    Go up the sky or opt for
    Deep dives
    That's your choice
    Just reach every places where
    You wanted to be
    Go to places where
    You never thought you would be.

    If you stop today
    You will never know
    About all the places
    You were supposed to go


  • crisp_talks 12w

    Pushing boundaries everyday
    Making it harder than required
    Shakespeare's soldiers
    You and I
    End up giving much more
    Than our heart's desire

  • crisp_talks 13w

    Self Talk

    Written after so long
    My words crave
    For the things my mind
    is dying to say

    I am hating it
    that my words dont rhyme
    I am still proceeding
    That's how much i want to try

    I have become bipolar
    with days going by
    Just making peace with peace
    being just a myth in my life

    I dont express feelings
    just observations maybe
    only to the ones
    who matter to me

    Hence i keep my words
    hidden away in sheets
    some light happy stuff
    is what others see

    I dont want to call out
    every other hipocracy
    I dont want to empower anyone
    as no one is that weak

    I do judge people
    like its normal
    People do it everyday
    like its no man's problem

    Burdened with work
    I have a lot in my plate
    But a bug which i cant fix
    is drivig me insane

    This is a diary entry
    Not very good though
    But i havent lost it completely
    Glad to know