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  • cronosis 4w

    Aaj ka gyan

    Please gyan mat do. Please...

  • cronosis 9w

    Break-up hurts the most, a post read on internet.

    Has anyone told you one of your jokes not funny? Because that's like giving birth to a baby and a kick in your balls simultaneously.

  • cronosis 16w

    Attention span

    Sense of humor, good personality, presence of mind and many such yummy requirements draft a genuine and compatible person.

    Attention span is all about dedication. It can get hard to do things you don't want to, but have to be done. And no matter what your dream is, you gotta do some shit you don't like.

  • cronosis 16w

    Fuck bucks

    How people quickly become celebrities nowadays?
    How new companies establish themselves?
    How do you know about an useless product?


    Marketing is someone/an institution paying money to get your fucks. People across the world spend over billions of dollars to get their brands/themselves to get into spotlight.

  • cronosis 16w

    Why the heck am I writing this?

    Last week, Google pay started some shit called Go India. Basically, it's an event which they market as game in exchange for our attention. And what do you get in return? An unsure reward from 101-501 rewards. It's not worth even if it's free money. Lame as it sounds, but that's how we are. I understood something that made me leave the game, and I am gonna write about that in this article ahead.

  • cronosis 16w

    Some unpopular but true facts about attention

    1. It's not a god's gift or something you are born with but something that's practised.
    2. Being attentive isn't a choice in 21st century (coz of the numerous distractions including the glowing plastic screen you are reading this article on).
    3. Spans of attention is directly proportional to the fucks you don't give to shit.

  • cronosis 16w

    Attention deficiency


  • cronosis 21w

    In standard four, I and my friend had made a code word to identify the real each other. We both thought what if someone else had impersonated his form. We would tell the code word to each other every morning in school. This continued for almost two years.

  • cronosis 21w

    Internet scams

  • cronosis 22w

    No gain, no pain