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  • crushed_popcorn 14h

    You closed the door in my face.
    And asked me to fly inside .
    You pleaded with me to grow wings.
    And endure all the pain alone.

    Here I am being miserable than ever while you
    Urge me to choose you over my existence

  • crushed_popcorn 4d

    I have never known
    which felt more like home
    than You..

  • crushed_popcorn 5d

    When you stop trying to make yourself presentable
    And remove that plastered smile from your face,
    You will find someone curled up inside you.
    With innocence that you thought long lost.
    Why wait to find yourself ?

  • crushed_popcorn 2w

    As you turned fragile ,
    I found myself turning soft.
    As you ceased to care ,
    I found myself acting ignorant.
    As you masked yourself,
    I found myself refusing to heal.

    Then I became insignificant to you.
    For I wasn't the way you wanted me.

  • crushed_popcorn 2w

    We never fail to justify them.
    Whom we loved and still does.
    Not even a single time.

    And I have mastered doing it.
    Now all that is left is loathing.
    And again ,It isn't aimed at you.

  • crushed_popcorn 2w

    And It is too late now.
    You putting yourself in my shoes.
    For I am far from your reach.

    I lived in a glass house.Shattered it was.
    And the pieces never failed to pierce me.

    Maybe you might change.Maybe not.
    For you are just the way you are.

    Don't stay there for long.
    Because you would collapse.
    At the glimpse of the pain I endured.

  • crushed_popcorn 3w

    Cherish the moments.
    Because time won't be in our favour each dawn.
    Savour the memories.
    Because it will be all that we own by the dusk.


  • crushed_popcorn 4w

    Someone : I know you have feelings for me. Just say what is in your heart.

    Me : Blood.

  • crushed_popcorn 4w

    Each day you tore me apart.
    You were addicted to my blood.
    Wonder no more why didn't I leave.
    Embrace was all I could do.


  • crushed_popcorn 5w

    Today It was the crescent moon.
    Yesterday It was shawn Mendes.
    Universe is determined to feed me on with your memories.