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  • crystal_girl 17h

    When you dont have new topic but want to keep the conversation going

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  • crystal_girl 1d

    To the someone she used to know..

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    She knows it all but never say
    She knows the way he acts,
    Is not exactly the way he is.
    Maybe, hiding something inside
    Protecting it from being breaking
    Maybe, his heart
    Which has turned cold long back..
    The softness of someone's words may work
    to melt the ice
    But he is afraid and distant
    Protecting it at all cost..
    His words, gives a ray of hope
    But sometimes act like an arrow hurting straight your heart
    He keeps all to himself but had lot to say
    Maybe, there is a reason the way he act
    Some may refer him being egoist
    But deep there was the softness hidden
    In some corner like an inside of coconut
    While covered with hard shell.

  • crystal_girl 2d

    Jo zulm kismat ne nere sath kiya
    Uski to koi sunwai bhi nhi

  • crystal_girl 3d

    Naa jane hakikat se kab dil khol kr dosti hogi

  • crystal_girl 5d

    Mai darti nhi logon se
    Mujhe pata hai maine ksi ka kuch bura nhi kiya hai

  • crystal_girl 1w

    Aao apas me kuch gile kr le
    Warna yuh hai ke phir gile bhi kaha

  • crystal_girl 1w

    Comment if you can relate ��

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    Toxic Shackle of Love

    O Girl, you lost your way
    Leading to somewhere you never belong to
    Look around, you'll find yourself entangle
    In the charm of fake Love
    You know it is hard to feel this pain
    Yet you're ready to go for it
    You confuse attachments with love
    And get entangle in lust with name of love
    Stand up, wipe your tears
    Start listening to your mind
    As this heart always led you to the line
    Which not always take you to the right

    O girl, you lost your way
    But can still come out of it
    Work on yourself
    And set your aim
    Work on yourself
    Know your worth

    Do not chase love
    Let love find you.

  • crystal_girl 1w

    Friendship fades when love makes its place

    After realisation
    of falling in grips of love
    Her Innocence spoke
    Cant we be just friends?
    Something was drifting apart
    Maybe her heart
    On sudden realisation
    Of her unapproachable love
    Heart says its hard,
    To feel the pain of love
    Smiling at the grief..
    She sat like a patience on a monument
    Hiding her love,
    Giving it a tag of Friendship.

  • crystal_girl 1w

    I forgive but never forget

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    And when they come back
    They found me still waiting at the door
    Which they closed long back
    But this time it was different
    I may left the door opened
    But now never led it goes to my heart..
    I can still be friendly with you
    And show any genuine care if i had for you
    But can never forgive the mistreatment with which you left..
    Things changes people
    It did change me
    I'm still good for the people who did bad
    But now I'm not the one who let you ever play with my peace again ✌

  • crystal_girl 1w

    It takes courage to put glamour of fake simle on your face
    When everything inside you already burned into ashes