So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.- F. Scott Fitzgerald

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  • cynically 1w


    And whilst the stars dance in joy
    the moon glazes in happiness
    I see the light, brightest of all
    falling upon the sins of my past
    moving seamlessly through my present
    Amongst every dream that scares me
    I am terrified by the one
    where you look at me
    and there's only hollowness.

  • cynically 1w

    A light I don't see.

    While there are songs in my head
    rythms on my fingers
    a stinging pain runs through my spine
    I walk down my bed
    the midnight air freezing my arms
    but I see a brighter dark
    a smaller infinity
    a bigger beyond
    And while I am lost in how the sun shines
    or how there's no moon in the sky
    I feel the tug in my heartstrings
    the fear in my skin.

  • cynically 1w

    A million stars

    Amongst a million galaxies
    I've found a home
    a place I call your arms
    an air I call your kiss
    An ocean I see in your eyes
    drowning endlessly into the blue
    I feel your fingertips
    I heal under your warmth
    I see a thousand waterdrops
    reaching out towards the sky.
    The air around me gazes into our soul
    the heat in your touch speaks to my soul
    a frozen lake
    a kindled hope
    the sparkling light
    the broken rope.

  • cynically 4w

    Truer self

    In my dreams
    far from reality
    you never left.
    Grey eyes
    piercing my gaze
    holding me in
    shortening the chase
    I was the deer in denial
    held by the hunter
    slowly dying

  • cynically 4w

    Just like.

    Graced by a dreary gush of wind
    there's been too many of them
    like a withering blade of leaf
    falling off a hardened stem.

    Just like the roots of a mahogany stalk
    I empty my tears down the soil
    unfazed by the havoc I am causing
    untamed like a redeeming coil.

    But time and again
    I have been shredded away into the air
    but for someone who enjoys solitude
    company could be an awful dare.

    True to a bird in captivity
    I feel suffocated inside
    let me spread my wings one more time
    let me watch one more tide.

  • cynically 5w

    Separated by the stars.

    A hovering dream passes through
    endless nights breaking down
    a deeper ocean of reality
    cascading my bitter frown.

    Like a bitter stardust of oblivion
    there's so much more to what I've been
    like a larger breath of suffocation and lure
    to a lesser known star I've never seen.

    The moon wouldn't ever touch my lips
    the stars wouldn't ever let me feel
    I wait for the cosmos to touch my skin
    I wait for my blood to dry and to heal.

    But I am touched by clouds of grief
    a tiny tinge of defeat in the rain
    broken into a pool of nightmares
    afraid of finding my soul in pain.

  • cynically 5w

    I am really sorry for not responding to comments and tags and not posting regularly but I hope to be back soon. I am humbled with so much concern. Everyone has been asking about my health and how I am doing and if I am okay. But yes, I am okay, I am doing okay and I will be back real soon. I think this is what a writer's block is because I couldn't come up with even one line of worthy verse. So, I have a few incomplete poems and I plan to complete them and post them soon.

    Also, I would love to know if you all have a few suggestions on what I should write about. Drop them in the comments.
    Thank you so much.

  • cynically 7w

    Only us

    In your smile I've learned to breathe
    for I've never felt alive in the silence of a stranger
    I've lost my senses around you
    every beat throbbing against my rib
    ringing loudly against my ears
    The air around me seems unfazed
    But even amongst everything else
    I know that I love you
    probably more every passing moment
    and amongst everything else
    I've dreamt of us
    only us.

  • cynically 7w

    And with another year passing by
    I've cried and failed
    agreed and bailed
    like a liar on loose
    failing to form a truce.

    In envy and in faith
    I've lost the ability to face
    every demon that holds me down
    I've fallen every step with grace.

    I've held my tears close
    my smile has faded away
    the last day has been gloomy
    my emotions, never at bay.

    With the year passing by
    I've wanted to scream
    to hold my heartbreak together
    and forget to dream.

    A seed of self doubt has been sowed
    and I've felt the soul break again
    the hurt feels brand new
    as there's now a fresh wound in pain.

    I would have wanted the new year to be happier
    but the dark doesn't want to hide
    my scars itch to be open
    and my blood riles for yet another ride.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod

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  • cynically 8w

    Withered leaves
    empty streets
    a midnight eerie creeping in
    I am lost under the street lights
    shining above my pale winter face.

    There was an empty loner’s arm
    a beggar’s curious eyes
    a frenzy of emotions pouring out
    I am left in a plethora of restlessness
    my legs dangling over the emptiness
    I see the dark under my skin
    the marks on my wrist.
    I am whole and broken
    shielded but spoken
    I am the cynic in peace
    the murder at ease
    I laugh like the evil
    a thousand frowns under
    a million monsters inside me
    a thousand eyes questioning the cynic in me
    And when I tread the path under the tunnel
    the dark seems faded
    my ashes lightly jaded
    there’s a flicker of hope
    a withered but hanging rope
    I look at a pair of hopeful eyes

    and for a moment
    just for a moment,
    I feel a little less broken.
    #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod

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