So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.- F. Scott Fitzgerald

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  • cynically 1w

    There was the darkness I fell for
    a small tinge of fear
    the glory of the cold
    seeping through my skin
    With the rains in sight
    and the clouds growling in fury
    I am mocked by the sparks in the sky
    There's no sound of the dark
    but I can only hear the screams
    thrilled by the silence
    amazed by the noise.
    I am the leaf under the tree
    withered and dead
    yet I feel the air pushing me down
    I feel the soil taking me in.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod

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    A leaf on the ground.

  • cynically 1w

    In my fingers, there's fate
    watching me breathe
    smiling through my wounds
    I am the lone bird
    free from captivity but wingless at birth
    I am a ghost you've never seen
    I am the white you'll never feel

    In my arms, there's winter
    there's darkness, there's air
    I am surrounded by the soil and blood
    freezing my flesh, strangling my neck
    I'm supposed to be the cynic I am
    I'm supposed to die every moment
    but there's a light I cannot understand
    for the horizon is a little blurry
    and the twilight, a little bright.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod #twilight

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    For the horizon is blurry.

  • cynically 1w

    It's been months since I've fought
    o'er pretty lies and sour truths.
    It's been months since there has been rain
    or cold
    or the sun.
    I've waited and hoped
    slept and tore
    pages of my heart
    cut into shapes in the dark
    I've dreamt of monsters
    maybe evil
    maybe honest
    but fearful and obscure
    No fawning over what's left
    no startle over the theft
    for there's no greater good than love
    for there's no better lie than love
    In the memory of what's gone
    I will wait for what's to come
    for it's been long since I've fought
    it's been long since I've thought
    of what I am
    of who I pretend to be.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod

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    It's been a long time.

  • cynically 5w


    Let the ruins burn
    let your soul free
    let the ghosts of your past
    let the legs spree.

    While you turn your back
    sit and rest
    wish yourself the world
    wish yourself the best.

    Because there is treason
    and an awful lot of lies
    so wait and think
    if you can believe your eyes.

  • cynically 7w

    She's a light in the dark
    a pearl of her kind
    her stance smells of elegance
    she's a gem, hard to find.

    While she searches for strength
    she holds her head high
    she doesn't give up
    she never fails to try.

    She has mountains ahead of her
    years before she will taste freedom
    but she steps on possibilities
    proud of what she has become.

    She evolves everyday
    she learns every season
    she becomes stronger every minute
    for all the right reasons.

    She is careful and clever
    she knows there are moments she can't save
    but she holds on to her will
    and fights until her grave.

    She's a woman with a goal
    her dreams are what she has always known
    but she won't think twice
    before giving up her life for her own.

    She is a goddess and a fighter
    a free spirit with fire
    she can kill and smile
    for everything she desires.
    #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod #womensday #happywomensday #peace

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  • cynically 7w

    What is it?

    And whilst I am lost in a glorious dusk
    I find your eyes glistening
    Is that confusion
    or is it a question
    are those tear drops
    or am I a fool afraid of your betrayal?

  • cynically 10w


    And whilst the stars dance in joy
    the moon glazes in happiness
    I see the light, brightest of all
    falling upon the sins of my past
    moving seamlessly through my present
    Amongst every dream that scares me
    I am terrified by the one
    where you look at me
    and there's only hollowness.

  • cynically 10w

    A light I don't see.

    While there are songs in my head
    rythms on my fingers
    a stinging pain runs through my spine
    I walk down my bed
    the midnight air freezing my arms
    but I see a brighter dark
    a smaller infinity
    a bigger beyond
    And while I am lost in how the sun shines
    or how there's no moon in the sky
    I feel the tug in my heartstrings
    the fear in my skin.

  • cynically 11w

    A million stars

    Amongst a million galaxies
    I've found a home
    a place I call your arms
    an air I call your kiss
    An ocean I see in your eyes
    drowning endlessly into the blue
    I feel your fingertips
    I heal under your warmth
    I see a thousand waterdrops
    reaching out towards the sky.
    The air around me gazes into our soul
    the heat in your touch speaks to my soul
    a frozen lake
    a kindled hope
    the sparkling light
    the broken rope.

  • cynically 13w

    Truer self

    In my dreams
    far from reality
    you never left.
    Grey eyes
    piercing my gaze
    holding me in
    shortening the chase
    I was the deer in denial
    held by the hunter
    slowly dying