A lonely wanderer in the land of thoughts seeking freedom through words and creating a beautiful exit called poem.

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  • cynteevickswrites 6w

    Is it all for nowt,
    The constant inspirational sayings and talks,
    To value yourself no matter what,
    To recognize your self-worth,
    To put yourself first,
    To love yourself in spite of the flaws,
    To be resilient and tough,
    To know when it is enough,
    To be strong when problem comes,
    To never give up,
    But it is like these words,
    Doesn't register at all.

    You have put up a barrier with strong walls,
    And let yourself fall,
    To a place of no return,
    And I wonder where is the comfort,
    To be trapped in the cell of your thoughts,
    Reliving your painful reality without a pause.

    Do you find the suffering liberating?
    That you refuse to open up,
    And be rid of your inner turmoil.

    How long will you keep,
    Swallowing the bitter pill of degradation,
    Never knowing when to quit,
    It is like you have become an addict,
    To the ill-treatment and scorn,
    That you no longer know what you want,
    Or who you have become.

    How deeper are you prepared to sink?
    Dancing to his ill-treatment and condemnation,
    Giving more of yourself without reservation,
    Calling it love when it is not,
    Being enslaved to the idea of love,
    And blind to a reform,
    To be treated better than before.

    If it is change you are waiting for,
    Let me tell you it will never come,
    This is not being negative,
    But the truth, which is obvious.

    Consider yourself for a change,
    Just take a break,
    Focus on you for a day,
    And take that much needed walk.

    Freedom is at your call,
    Just dial its number and it is yours,
    Don't keep taking the abuse,
    For you deserve more than you choose,
    And if he can't see your worth,
    Or appreciate you for who you are,
    Then it is better to walk away while you can.

    Go and discover yourself,
    And get out of that bubble of hell,
    It is a bigger world out there,
    Your happiness might just be waiting,
    To chase away the sadness and pain,
    That has long tormented your brain,
    Giving your life a new meaning
    A new chapter to write a new story.


  • cynteevickswrites 6w

    The flowers cease to blossom,
    As autumn waltz through the door,
    Bearing the passing of time,
    The primal fall,
    Of all that went before,
    And what was to come,
    Memories run nonstop,
    Bringing back sweet and bitter moments gone,
    Life gradually becomes dull,
    As grief becomes a dominant emotion,
    Bereft of faith and hope,
    As despair becomes a sharper woe,
    October, a subtle reminder of lost souls,
    But where is freedom to hold?


  • cynteevickswrites 7w

    A rampage goes on in my brain,
    My thoughts are all over the place,
    As my sanity whimpers in pain.

    I sort for solace,
    As the pressure seems unbearable to tame,
    The demons in my head doesn't give me a break,
    As loneliness mocks my state.

    I turn to the sanctum of words,
    Where I can unburden my fears,
    Pour out my emotional storm,
    And lay my mind to rest.

    A promise of freedom to hold,
    I get to roam freely and be lost,
    In its inviting ambience of warmth,
    Not bothered by the time gone,
    As in its embrace, I feel loved.

    A good listener to my chaotic rant,
    Not judgemental in anyway,
    And offering comfort to keep me sane,
    Guiding me through a recovery lane.


  • cynteevickswrites 7w

    I have my emotional taste buds running wild
    Alternating between different flavors
    The sour and tangy taste of misery
    Or the sweet nectar taste of bliss
    But the latter seems forbidden
    Because the dark and sinful spice of pain is more dominating
    Leaving me with a wretched feeling
    That wouldn't submit or leave
    Having my sanity in strings
    Wishing to be wrapped in the warmth of peace
    And taste happiness without any guilty tease.


  • cynteevickswrites 7w

    How long would you keep beating yourself?
    Emotionally and psychologically without relent,
    How hateful and unforgiving can you get,
    That you see nothing good in yourself, to cherish and accept .

    Why do you let your insecurities get the best of you?
    That you believe whatever it says is true,
    Letting it dictate the rules,
    That you fail to see, you're more valuable than it proves.

    How else would I make you see,
    That you are not worthless as you outrightly think,
    Or unlovable as you feel,
    You are more worthy than you realize,
    A treasure so precious and prized.

    How long will you keep overanalyzing every inch of yourself?
    Comparing yourself to others out there,
    Asking yourself why can't you just be like them,
    So perfectly made,
    That you're nothing, but a plain Jane.

    Reality check! The people you compare yourself to,
    Feel more insecure than you know,
    Nobody is perfect, and that is the truth to say,
    You just have to accept yourself the way you are,
    For your imperfections is what makes you stand out.

    Loving yourself would do you no harm,
    It would make you shine both inside and out,
    You can decide to stand tall and be proud,
    Wearing your confidence with no atom of doubt,
    It is so therapeutic if only you can try,
    Then you would see no reason to cry.

    I know it is not easy to see through the dark,
    To look in the mirror and not see what you like,
    But let your mind see the light,
    And tell your insecurities to take a hike,
    As you come to embrace your flaws,
    For it is what make you stand out from the lot.


  • cynteevickswrites 10w

    Bound by the shackles of age,
    Imprisoned in a mortal cage,
    The body is weak and frail,
    Soon to fall into death's embrace.

    Is there a hidden bargain?
    Time is willing to make,
    To elongate the span of life,
    And give room to a second chance.

    Dreams unrealized awaits,
    Yet time passes without a gaze,
    Is no wonder the cemetery wails,
    As great minds are left to waste.

    Is there a cause nestled in eternity,
    For if time were a token,
    Longevity is a great possibility,
    For possession breathes continuation,
    Giving dreams enough time to bloom,
    As worries of unfulfilled dreams become aloof.


  • cynteevickswrites 11w

    How wretched is a lonely mind?
    Blind to the beauty of positivity,
    Enslaved to the passing of time,
    As hopelessness takes pride.

    Is it much of a daunting task?
    To make heaven out of hell,
    And be rhythmically tuned with thyself.

    But how easy does it seem,
    To make hell out of heaven,
    And be mentally disconnected from thyself.

    There is always treasure to be found,
    Even in a barren situation,
    For the map lies in thy thoughts.

    The road to happiness,
    Isn't located in a closed off street,
    But in thy mind, which thy fail to see.

    To heal starts with one's will,
    For when the tide rises,
    Thy must not sink,
    Even if thy mental strength falters,
    For tenacity is the key,
    To experience happiness fully.


  • cynteevickswrites 23w

    I stand helplessly before the court of humanity
    As I being subjected to the cold brutality of injustice
    Mentally and emotionally torn
    I find no form of liberation
    Is pain a dictator or a motivator?
    To break me or make me strong
    In this twisted fate of life
    I wander lonely as a cloud
    As I am always being singled out from the crowd
    To be an object of spite
    And I say to myself
    Is there a place to hide
    To find comfort and pride
    Where the break in the sky
    Brings light to the dark place of my heart
    And I will never be a prisoner of time
    Reliving history again and again
    I yearn for change
    Where everyone are entitled to equal treatment
    Irrespective of the background or race.


  • cynteevickswrites 29w

    A nagging thought swirls in the pool of my mind
    What is that which I must give
    To experience the peak of living
    When did breathing become an unpleasant task
    And not something to open the gate of freedom
    Where is the beauty which the eyes seek?
    But the mind doesn't see because of a tear in the fabric of life
    Gloomy cloud gathers
    The signal of an incoming storm
    I am caught up in the wave of chaos
    And the silence doesn't come
    I look desperately for an outlet
    A place where tranquility lives
    Where my thoughts can easily breathe
    And see life from a more positive view.

  • cynteevickswrites 36w

    A formidable stranger storms through the gate of humanity
    Bearing dangerous packages of doom and disaster
    An unorthodox fear plays in the minds of many
    As the wind of chaos sings a soulless song
    Distance keeps the world apart
    As in solitude we find a safe haven
    But we hope for better
    To have a healthy lifestyle free from threat
    As an unwanted intruder invades our mental space
    Bringing no serenity
    But fight we must all do
    To remain solid occupants of our abode
    The earth is solely ours
    And we watch carefully as time ticks
    To record a new dawn
    Free from the dark clouds of sorrow
    Where our past grief will be nothing but history
    As we sing a new song of bliss
    Surviving even in the midst of this global filth.