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  • d1_radha 3d

    Someone ask to me

    Someone:Where your heart lies in your body ?
    a) Right or Centre
    b) Left
    c) None of the above

    Me : c) None of the above

    (cuz' my Heart lies inside mine's!)


  • d1_radha 7w


  • d1_radha 9w

    If my eyes are on U! don't worry about the eyes on me!


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  • d1_radha 11w

    Hey Gify,

    Please don't be too difficult at this time to me, when I am far away from myself!
    I only know to love you! I just need your presence as you did before!
    And for the sake of love,you too don't make it harder for me!


  • d1_radha 14w


    میری سانس
    میری روح
    میری ماں
    میرے ولی
    میں تم سے پیار کرتا ہوں


  • d1_radha 14w

    ¡Tú eres la razón para que yo respire!
    ¡Me hiciste comprender las verdaderas almas que me rodean!
    ¡Te amo mamá


  • d1_radha 20w

    A KING only bows down to his QUEEN !

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  • d1_radha 22w

    A real Manliness never hesitate to carry

    his girl 's foot !


    Itz my