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  • d_unheardchaos 18w

    A poem begins as a 'Hopeless love'... It leaves the heart hollow from inside...


  • d_unheardchaos 21w

    The desire to be liked by
    everyone will hold you back...


  • d_unheardchaos 22w

    @ emma.jayne.poetry

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    I am not everyone's cup of tea
    I am that 4th glass of wine
    you know you shouldn't have
    But want bad enough
    To risk tomorrow's headache

  • d_unheardchaos 23w

    By unknown writer

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    He is the 'Shiva',
    She is his 'Shakti'...

  • d_unheardchaos 48w

    I am writing again...
    and it's you,
    It's all you.....Always..!!

    - d_unheardchaos

  • d_unheardchaos 118w

    She moved on,
    Just "A Song" away.....


  • d_unheardchaos 119w

    They call her stupid, cz she always
    kept her eyes on his way,
    What they didn't knw,
    that she never 'waited'....


  • d_unheardchaos 122w

    I've whispered your name in conversation with crescent moon and been answered by the most delicate breeze that has ever swollowed my skin.
    And just for that moment,
    you didn't feel so far away....