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  • daemon_dejurium 17h

    He's everything
    You're not

    - The Punchline Is That He Doesn't Love Me Back

  • daemon_dejurium 2d

    I called you
    When I was in the psych ward
    And then I couldn't believe
    That I almost chose
    To never be able to hear your voice again

    - You Became a Reason to Live

  • daemon_dejurium 2d

    He heals
    And breaks
    My heart
    At the same time

    - Yet I Don't Want It to Stop

  • daemon_dejurium 2d

    I still love
    That sixteen year old boy

    - I Just Hate the Man He Became

  • daemon_dejurium 2d

    Damn it.

    I wasn't
    Supposed to

    - Please Catch Me or Else I Might Break

  • daemon_dejurium 2d

    I love your voice
    Especially when you say my name
    I love it when you squint a bit
    When you smile
    I love your humour
    No matter how depressed I am
    You always make me laugh
    I love the tenderness in your touch
    I love how understanding you are
    It makes me feel less crazy
    I love your essence
    Everything that makes up the parts of you

    - You.
    I. Love. You.

  • daemon_dejurium 2d

    I imagine you
    In my bed
    Holding me
    To try
    And fall

    - Confessions of an Insomniac #1

  • daemon_dejurium 5d

    "In the beginning, it was beautiful,
    And then you went crazy."

    Fuck you.

    - Own Up to Your Mistakes, Damn It

  • daemon_dejurium 1w

    Your eyes are brown
    Much like my own
    Just one look
    And it feels like home

    - His Blue Eyes Froze Me Over But Yours Are Melting My Heart

  • daemon_dejurium 1w

    How do you miss a person
    When they're standing right in front of you?

    - Is He Different or Is He the Same?