Pouring out the emotions, i cannot contain~

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  • daily_dose 8w


    Soon we conclude the chapter of 2020.
    With hope ahead,
    but hearts still inflamed.

    Like ripping off a band aid,
    painful, red and traumatic.
    We will have to be patient and move on,
    despite the scars we keep.

    Wishing for a better day,
    when we can look at the lines
    and reminisce on the extreme gratitude we once had.

  • daily_dose 10w

    The Sum of All People

    The most beautiful people,
    can feel ugly inside.

    The smartest people,
    can feel stupid at times.

    The weakest people,
    can feel strong when it counts.

    The fickle,
    can be loyal when pressured off loss.

    whatever you perceive yourself as,
    are not really missing any part at all.

    Do not let others tell you otherwise.

  • daily_dose 10w

    Nothing good is easy. Do not fall for false realities.

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    Sinkhole Fantasies

    Once upon a time,
    a lonely woman stepped into a house of dreams.

    Despite the lack of a house-warming party,
    she settled with the picturesque amenities,
    so binding at first glance.

    She spent her time, more & more,
    with the luxury.
    Ignoring to question,
    "how was the home so warm and comforting,
    without active cleaning or dusting".

    The doubts and odd sounds at night,
    were cast aside from the naive lady's mind.

    She thought,
    "Though there are questions with no clear answer,
    why must i ponder the lure of the heart's desire?".

    Reminiscing the planner that she was,
    she left behind some of her sensibility,
    in hopes of the home's security and stability.

    Then one day,
    as she is in the tranquility of her silk sheets,
    the ground grumbled.

    The weak base of the home broke apart,
    and one by one the beautiful columns fell.

    That was it.
    The building she called a home,
    had swallowed her down to the earth.

    Feeding off her fantasies and her longing heart.

  • daily_dose 11w

    The Consequence of Passion

    Ever stepped between the cusps of two.
    One practical & safe,
    but not fulfilling.
    The other,
    lovable but uncertain indeed.

    Neither right or wrong,
    fitting differently to the risk you are willing to take.

    For some,
    short and direct is the way to go.

    For others whose motivation runs from emotional stability,
    nothing is worth doing if not produced happily.

    As I am the latter,
    I walked the path of glorious roses,
    hoping for the treasures at the end of the horizon.

    The time then came,
    when age caught up with this simple traveller.

    Despite the steps taken,
    the end is still yet to be found.

    With life chasing after me, i thought,
    "If i proceed with this meander of a road,
    shall i find the treasure?
    If not,
    had i missed my chance to walk the muddy, yet clear path before?"

    Was there a chance ?
    For i have spent my life in vain.

  • daily_dose 18w

    "To Live" , what does that mean ?

  • daily_dose 18w


    Why must we suffer ?
    Constantly suppressed,
    denying in silence.

    For whom should i live for,
    when all felt dark and so alone.


    And then,
    hopeless and jaded.

    I may be blinded by many reasons.
    But one thing stays true.
    That 'I' am not the only one
    feeling the friction of life.

    That perhaps,
    if i dissociate and watch,
    i would hear the cries of another
    who could share the hard times.

  • daily_dose 20w

    Share with Me

    Let me know your thoughts,
    if you are on the same boat.

    The type that commits or nothing at all.
    The one that sees reality in black or white.
    So polarised , sometimes to a fault.

    Are you a kin dear reader ?

    If so do share your thoughts,
    on how you overcame the fear of possibilities,
    and not cower from the risks that comes with it.


  • daily_dose 20w

    The World and I

    I've been told by quite a few,
    that my stress and bitterness is unbecoming of a youth.

    "if I was your age , i would do whatever i want and have fun .."

    To that i was confused.
    "Want" is a word i cannot comprehend.

    What should a 23 year old look like ?
    Am i living life wrong ?

    Questions alike grew within me.
    Cementing the insecurity,
    that is undeveloped relationships.

    But what am i to do,
    when 45 hours a week is occupied by the necessity ?

    "Go out , meet new people " they say so tirelessly.
    If it were that easy ,
    the world must be such a happy place.

    But for one to many reasons,
    i kept to myself and sighed.

    Perhaps for those who wished to turn back time,
    life had been more blissful.

    Perhaps unknown to them,
    life had been unkind to me in places they do not see..

    Still, i question,
    if i am blue due to weakness or own volition,
    or if my dull outlook is valid despite my shell of success.

    Life is just lonely,
    when not understood.


  • daily_dose 24w


    When does trust becomes belief?
    When does belief becomes delusion?

    Are they degrees of the same ?
    Or are they identical ?

    Either way, is the beginning the end ?
    Can we avoid a personality trait ?


  • daily_dose 24w

    To Be Young Again

    You know you're doing life wrong,
    if you are in your 20s
    and somebody said
    you behave like you're 40.

    You only have one life.
    Don't always think about the future,
    and forget the now.