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  • dama10 13w

    Circle of life❤️

    When we were kids
    Everyone was there
    Happy were those days
    We used to say
    But now we are becoming older
    Our life has become much more bolder
    Some responsibilities on our shoulders
    But now everything is past
    And you should never come last
    Life has became fast
    So cast yourself for the future
    And become enough mature
    Career and dreams were seperated
    And we were getting underrated
    Happiness was in the circle
    And we were finding it in the corner of circle
    To happen a miracle
    Life has became a little bit jaded
    And its getting faded
    Good things happpens very rare
    And we should handle it with care
    Be hardworking and calm
    So that no one could read you palm
    Yes we have grown older
    With some responsibilities on our shoulder
    And really you should become much more bolder...!!!!

  • dama10 13w


    Happy were those days
    When we used to play
    Nothing was there to seprate
    But for sundays we used to be desperate
    Everything was cool
    But now we are becoming fools
    Happiness was everywhere
    But now its nowhere
    Waking up with some shine on your face
    But now its time to tie up your lace
    Life was not so tough
    But now its become rough
    Our childhood has gone (*2)
    Nothing was wrong
    Life was still on
    Finding happiness in little pockets
    Life was becoming fast as rocket
    Career was the biggest question in life
    Everyone asked how would you manage your wife
    They used to say a coin has two sides
    Yes , there were two sides
    One we show to the world
    An the other which was unknown
    But still some of our friends got it known
    Friendships were the best part
    No one could get us apart
    There were good deeds
    And packet of weed
    Now is the time we get addicted
    Now life teaches us
    Who you are gonna add and minus
    You have to face every situation
    Solve every problem which is in multiplication
    You will never get a second chance
    Just give yourself a little glance
    Cross the fence of fear
    And you will hear
    That you are the one who can change your life.
    Life is not easy
    To earn some money you have to be busy
    Hardwork and willingness are those factors
    Including these factor you will become a better character
    So pull up your socks
    And you will rock
    Give yourself a chance
    Listen to music and dance
    Live your life to the fullest
    And you will become the greatest..!!!❤️❤️

  • dama10 29w


    Everyone is insecure about something.
    Its not just about you.
    You will not be 100% sure about decisions you make.
    But always make a decision because its better to go back and fix it than to never make it all.
    There is always someone better than you so there's no point to compare.
    There's nothing in ur life that you can control except,
    Your own thoughts and actions.
    So always hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
    Nothing lasts forever, things change, people change, so you can change anytime too.
    Life is not a fairy tale. That's why its exiciting and you will never get bored.
    Hardwork never guarantee sucess. But that's what makes its challenging.
    So be prepared for whats coming n be happy in your own way.
    Life gives you more chances to solve your problems .
    Its upon you how much you make out of every chance.
    Be happy and keep smiling..!!❤️❤️❤️

  • dama10 29w

    Untold Story..!!����

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    Best days of my life..!!

    The day i saw uuuuu was the best day of my life ,
    Wanted to be wid u,
    But u didnt know about my life ,
    Whenever i saw u my heart started falling for you,
    But the day i didnt saw u i thought it was the last day of my life ,
    My life was like an hell u didnt know how many times i fell for u ,
    My heart beats went fast whenever i saw u ,
    i really wanted 2 surrender for u ,
    These were the best day of my life....!!
    Wanted to be wid u forever but u didnt gave a fuck ,
    An I was thinking its all about the luck.
    I was a struggler in my life,
    Instead of helping me ,
    I became an apple and u were the knife,
    How good everything was when we were together,
    But now ur gone forever,
    How happy u were in your own world,
    But now i just started to create my own world.
    Finding happiness was is easy for u,
    But i was searching happiness in u .
    U were with a boy ,
    Who had nothing with him.
    Happiness was the only thing he was searching in,
    Nothing he had with him,
    For many years he was struggler,
    But now he has become a juggler,
    Bartending was his prosfession,
    Football was his passion,
    You never knew anything about him,
    U were the only thing he was asking,
    Now he is able ,
    His life is stable,
    Everything was on,
    But now ur forever gone.
    But now ur forever gone...!!!❤️❤️