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  • danejoshua 10w


    Today I had a friend slap some common sense into me and get my life in order, if anyone was gonna do it I am glad it was her

    Thank you so much, even though I have this stupid anxiety that eats me alive you are able to keep me calm

    Thank you so much, even though it is getting worse I know you wont give up on me, we got this, I help you, you help me

  • danejoshua 12w

    Go friends and do what you must
    Keep your promises
    Love the person who makes you feel butterflies
    Go out and live life
    Or stay at home and watch movies when you have the time
    Spend time with friends, gossip about anything and everything
    Be there for the people you care about
    Just live life your way and know it will go your way

  • danejoshua 13w

    Happy birthday to one of my best friends ever
    Her work is amazing
    She is a badass and a inspiration
    Hope you have a wonderful day

  • danejoshua 13w

    Sometimes I wish I could just be consumed by flames and hope to feel better

  • danejoshua 14w

    Final moments

    Before I started writing this I took the whole day just sitting and thinking about life and I sometimes wonder what waits for me on the other side of the next door, will it be a better future, will it be death or do I keep walking aimlessly into this world

    I need to escape this place I call home even for a day to get my mind out of the dark parts of this room, for if I stay any longer I might just burn to ash

  • danejoshua 14w

    The unknown is a crazy thing
    But no fear we just need to keep a cool head and keep going

  • danejoshua 14w

    We start out so young and innocent, as time goes on we grow into our own person

    One thing I learned is that this world is a cruel place the older you get, it is times like this I wish i could see the world as a child would, but that is long gone and I need to move on, I have no time for regret only life lessons

  • danejoshua 15w

    We all have a burning anger inside a anger so hot that it is killing us from inside, a fire so hot we just want to cut ourselves open and let it be free, so just scream and it will all come out and tame that flame

    (I know very weird but that is how I see anger)

  • danejoshua 15w

    We are all just broken people try to fix ourselves
    Be it in hobbies, love, work or anything else, we just want to repaired

    But how can we repair ourselves if life keeps taking the pieces we need away, do we just keep looking for alternatives or do we keep going after the same pieces?

  • danejoshua 15w


    On this journey of life we use our backpack to carry the important things and yes every now and then we add things that are unnecessary, but that is just how we are

    We carry this weight on our back for years without taking a moment to rest and sort out all the things that are important, so we end up doing things we later regret

    So take a moment even if it is just for a day or a few hours just sit and think about what you really want and if you don't know how then I'll help you, because no one deserves to get crushed by the weight of regret and sadness