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  • danniellemichelle 19w

    My love

    The Pain I feel away from you, achey and intense.
    The pain I feel with you, none.
    The love I feel away from you, a hearts burning desire.
    The love I feel with you, complete.
    I miss you deeply whenever I leave, my fingertips and heart aches for you my love.

  • danniellemichelle 27w


    You took away from me everything I ever wanted.
    So now I sit here on the train, envious of what other people have.
    Watching a mother and her toddler having fun.
    Watching a newly engaged couple happy and cheerful.
    Then there's me,
    Bitter and empty.

  • danniellemichelle 27w

    I feel nothing when I'm away from you,
    And as soon as I come back..

  • danniellemichelle 27w


    My mind is slowly forgetting the good times we had,
    It's starting to focus on the bad.
    I hate my brain for that, but I hate you for what you did to my heart.

  • danniellemichelle 27w

    My heart hurts,
    I don't know why it just does.

  • danniellemichelle 30w


    People judge us and think we want attention,
    Or it's a cry for help.
    We do it just so we can feel something.
    We often feel so numb that we do it to make sure we can still feel something.
    To make sure we are still human enough to feel any sort of emotion.

  • danniellemichelle 30w


    She cried all day,
    She is lost in her mind of overflowing thoughts.
    She just wants to switch off from the world and be alone.
    But she does not want to be lonely.
    Her brain is angry and her soul is crushed.
    Her heart hurts.
    She is tired, exhausted.
    She just wants to be herself again.

  • danniellemichelle 30w


    I feel nothing.

  • danniellemichelle 31w

    Broken dreams

    What hurts the most is I would've stayed around and waited for absolutely nothing.
    And you would've let me believe all along my dreams would come true.

  • danniellemichelle 35w


    I don't think you understand the extent to which you have hurt me.
    I have done what I promised I would never do again.
    And now I will have more scars.
    I hate you so much.
    You got the closure you said you needed, but what about me?
    What about my feelings?
    I don't want any of the things you once promised me, you broke my dreams.
    You're so selfish and you lie,
    And people believe you.
    But i can see straight through you like glass.
    You must think I'm stupid.
    And maybe I have been for a long time.
    But i am smarter than you think.