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  • danvenespoet 14h

    Love and Hate

    You held my hands across roads
    And protected my soul.

    You danced with me on the table
    When we had nothing around.

    You robbed food for us to eat
    When we was broke.
    I was your son
    You was my mum
    But the demons of the past took your soul and ripped you apart,
    So I had to pick you up at 13 years old and be your dad
    Watching you slowly kill yourself inside and out.

    Where did you go?
    What happened to you?
    I love and hate you
    And sometimes
    I wish I was never born
    But you made an artist out of me
    So I thank you

  • danvenespoet 16h

    Under The Skin And Under The Soul

    Melting skin
    Through the sheets of my heart
    The bed lay still
    With it beating through the room
    In the creases of a broken soul
    I can't get up
    I can't be free
    The devil inside of me
    Tearing the place apart
    The door swings open
    From the winds of fire
    And the storm enters my blood
    And I am here
    Where I always lay
    In the deepest
    With walls sinking into the floor
    And my eyes flicker in time
    And it feels like where I always will be
    Trapped in a whole
    Screaming through my ears
    Maybe years

  • danvenespoet 2d

    Emotional breakdown

    I love emotions
    Like the sky
    They bring you in and out of the dark
    When you have know one to hold
    Except the guitar
    The song
    In your heart
    Bleeding down the stairs
    Throwing up in the toilet
    And your liver has had enough of these tales
    But the love song You wrote
    For the angel in time
    On the blood soaked stairs
    Your love is devine

  • danvenespoet 2d

    Hell kicked out fire

    Hell kicked back fire
    And I shot back a bottle of beer
    Dreams and memories where clear
    Shoot the devil in the back
    Reload and kick back for a while
    Till the fires burn down
    My wildest desires
    From the heart
    From the soul
    To tell the story that's never been told

  • danvenespoet 2d

    Burning soul on the ground

    Night time falling down
    Sky spinning around
    Sometimes you can't love yourself
    When your hearts isolated on the ground
    Days turn into months
    And months turn into years
    You walk to the shop
    To get some love
    Because no matter how lovely you are
    An empty room With a bottle of beer
    Is an empty soul
    Waiting to be found
    On the deep hard cold ground
    You can't kiss your feet
    Burning eyes eats your soul
    To never be found

  • danvenespoet 3d

    Dancing souls

    Like a knife
    Cleanly cutting through the soul
    Her ways
    Where engraved in my mind
    Waiting for the chance
    I could open up my soul
    And let it dance with hers
    Under the moon
    That dared to smile
    For the first time

  • danvenespoet 5d

    Four beers

    Four beers into the night
    And it unfolds
    Like a beautiful piece of paper
    A thunder in the sky
    A sparkle in her eye
    And I have the spark in my mind
    Unravelling time as it speaks words of love and pain
    In my deepest misery
    I wish I could hold her
    The one I do not know
    But know so much from afar
    Its like an empty room
    With paintings filling up
    The heart
    The dread
    Of never meeting the one
    That could be the one
    Right in front of my eyes
    As we speak
    In time

  • danvenespoet 5d


    Your like an angel from the ashes
    And when you burn you light up the sky
    But I hope if I meet you I don't damp down your fire
    Because I see gods in your eyes
    Burning down buildings
    And lighting up life
    Like a rainbow in the sky

  • danvenespoet 5d

    It gets lonely inside

    From the words in my head
    To the stone that lay on the ground
    I have not yet found
    The words to open up my heart
    And let the world know
    How alone I really am
    Amongst the stormy nights
    Laying on my bed
    With the clothes I have been in for days
    And days
    Crying nights
    In my soul
    That I lay down on the cold stone
    Hopeing for a hand
    To reach out And give me
    What I have given
    To the unknown

  • danvenespoet 1w

    Darkest days

    Sometimes you can be in the darkest corners of your mind
    Feeled with hate
    Even suicide
    But their is an ember
    Down the corridor
    And you must keep it alive
    With the tiny little spark
    You find one day
    From some soul or another
    And it will take days to build the fire
    But the more passion you have
    Of not wanting to see the dark
    The more wood will catch fire
    And you will be alive
    One more hour
    One more day
    One more week
    One more year
    And even many lifetimes
    To live your dream