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  • dark_light_soul 5w

    He & She

    She said
    " I will be with you ,
    in your tough times..."

    He hardly found them both......

  • dark_light_soul 9w

    He & She

    And , in all her life
    She was waiting for him

    To leave ...

  • dark_light_soul 11w

    It isn't the loudest thunder
    It isn't the beat of heart

    It isn't the explosion of bomb
    It isn't the sound of blooming bud

    It isn't the sound from sky
    It isn't the sound from the space beyond

    I don't know what it is like ,
    Everytime when I hear someone , calling out your name ...
    I turn around everywhere ,
    Searching for you .....

  • dark_light_soul 12w

    Dream & Memories

    When you put someone in ,
    it is dreams

    When some one puts themselves in ,
    it is memories

  • dark_light_soul 13w

    She showed love , before I knew what it is
    She sated my hunger , before I felt it
    She was there even when I faked a pain
    She stayed awake every night to see me sleep
    She taught me everything when I was nothing
    She turned maid everytime to treat me as prince
    She hid all her pain to see my smile

    She pushed me out , to give me life
    and held me close to all her life

    She is a wonder , in everyone's life ..


  • dark_light_soul 13w

    In all my life I thought , her silence were waiting for my words to speak

    And life taught me

    If someone doesn't cares for what you speak , it's high time that you should stop wasting time , trying to interpret their silence which has no point in it.

  • dark_light_soul 13w


    When someone shares you a secret and you break it out boasting your intimacy and high handedness , you are not just breaking out the secret , but predominately you break down the trust the person has on you ..

    You might win over a person , simultaneously you lose the person ultimately ..

  • dark_light_soul 13w

    He and She

    And she said

    Nothing would seperate us

    So true

    Now he was left alone for having nothing

  • dark_light_soul 13w

    He and She

    Her priorities changed , according to her

    His priorities changed , for her

  • dark_light_soul 14w

    YES, does

    Your life begins , when you are strong enough to say NO to certain things in life ..