Never so late...

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  • dark_writers 19h

    The biggest Question which I ask to myself is that,
    Why I had become so silent that I'm never be in my life.
    I enjoy the company of other but, still I'm not smiling and seen it to be waste to talk to others

  • dark_writers 5d

    Sundays are the freedom of justice,
    When you simply enjoy your life

  • dark_writers 1w

    Sometimes only one word is enough to
    Spoil your mood
    Destroy your life

  • dark_writers 1w

    Never be so + ve "

    Seriously, whenever you try for
    something good And nice
    Remember that day you made a
    Big mistake while having such kind
    Of ultra positive mind thought.

  • dark_writers 1w

    Strength come from courage and hard work
    Not, from body building and writing down
    Strength on paper .

  • dark_writers 1w

    Miss Valentina

    Been sitting, hoping you'd call
    It's just a cruel existence like
    there's no point hoping at all
    Baby, baby, I feel crazy, up all night, it's the Valentine
    Give me some love, oh, but you say nothing
    What is happening to me?
    I don't wanna live forever,
    In the era where love is erased.
    I just wanna keep calling your name until you come
    To me to celebrate this day

    -To Miss Valentine


  • dark_writers 1w

    I'm good at keepin' my distance
    I know that you're the feelin' I'm missing
    Everything means nothing if I can't have you

  • dark_writers 1w

    Don't you tell me what you think that I can be
    I'm the master of my game

    I was broken from a young age
    I know the meaning of my painful life

    Writing from heartache of the pain
    Taking my message from the veins
    Speaking my lesson from the brain.

    That I never low down
    Till my last breathe

  • dark_writers 1w

    Kabhi kabhi ma sochta hu ma khud
    Ko sahi se janta hu bhi ya nahi
    "People at the age 60 yr are classified that they know about themself
    Because when you are small whenever you
    Think you are near to understand about yourself
    You do something else which make
    You really you know you can do this or that also
    I don't know why and from where I get
    All these wired thought in my mind

  • dark_writers 2w

    I had a trust on someone
    She made me realise that
    "Never trust on anyone in the life "