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  • darker_ 12w

    Loving you can change
    We shouldn't be available for each other when that happens
    Moving on is the one thing I'm good at
    And I hope you learn that too.

  • darker_ 17w

    Silence works when you feel you have nothing to say. It works when you feel you'll say too much. The best part is it works with your facial expressions. It hurts more than words. It pisses people off. With silence you don't have to look back and regret what you said.
    The only problem that comes with it is looking back and regretting what you would have said.

    M. Aruwa

  • darker_ 19w

    “I'll call you”
    “Don't bother”

  • darker_ 22w

    Well, it's time to cut some friends off.

  • darker_ 24w

    She wants to see if your hate hurts like your love.

  • darker_ 25w

    I want to skip the happy days. My sad times greets me with the best company.
    M. Aruwa

  • darker_ 27w

    Leaving high school was what I always wanted. Don't get me wrong. I had a couple of nice moments. I got to laugh sometimes too. But there was something behind that laugh, that happy mask I was trying to put on:The truck load of bullying that came with it. Faking happiness was what got me through alot of shit. I've been insulted, downgraded and dragged through alot of mess. Oh, I have scars too. I mean physical scars by the way. I've been beaten up a couple of times to count on my fingers... And maybe toes. So going to college was pretty exciting for me. I wanted nothing more but to think I could start afresh. You know, without being scared of the color of paint I could get washed in every day or having to carry extra underwears in my bag.So, technically I've been waiting for the day I would leave highschool all my life. I've dreamt of nothing more than burying memories that made me cry almost every night.
    So, when the call came in from the principal of our school that I had failed literally all my classes and I'd have to repeat senior year, my hopes of moving forward shattered. I knew something was wrong and I immediately wrapped my head around the situation. My results were tampered with. It felt like the whole school was against me. The principal never liked me. Teachers kept failing me. Everything was just too much. It was not the first time but this issue was huge. It meant big deal for me so I did a thing for once. I got tired of the shit so I had no option but to sue. That's just it, sue. Sue your problems out of the way. I would have done that a long time ago but I felt things would get better. So when I do get to college, whenever that is, I'm going to sue everything and everyone in my way just to make space for myself.
    Mansurah Aruwa

  • darker_ 28w

    “I need new haters cause the old ones started to like me.”

    Min Yoongi

  • darker_ 31w

    I get really awkward in front of a camera.

    M. Aruwa

  • darker_ 33w

    Kill the voice

    Suicide doesn't always start from pointing a gun at yourself, slashing your wrists, jumping off a cliff.
    You die inside before letting it out. You feel withdrawn before actually slipping away.
    Your heart hurts before your eyes bleed.
    But the power of holding on and believing you shouldn't be the one to end yourself is buried underneath the pain and no one will dig it out but you.
    Kill the voice not the heart.

    M. Aruwa