Poisonous toxicity living in dark paradise.

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  • darkmetaphor 4w

    i am a poet
    i can write anyone's happiness
    and tragedies
    i can express what they felt
    through writing on my own
    yet i cannot write the perfect poetry for me
    i cannot find the exact words and;
    metaphor to complete my stanzas

  • darkmetaphor 4w

    life isn't just
    a glimpse of blissfulness
    a flower with complete petals
    a trees with strong trunks
    nor a bearable trenches
    life isn't just
    a wide extent of positivities
    a well-loved pets
    a feather dropped to a beautiful world
    nor a bundle of golds
    life isn't just
    a perfect lake
    a two-paired perfect wings
    a jar of success
    nor a complete alphabet
    but life is an ugly truth
    life is a shattered debris
    a shivering organs
    an unlimited grievance
    a poisonous apple
    and a naked hurricane
    life is a dark sceneries
    a blurred photography
    an underwater monster
    and a dead atmosphere
    apart from that
    life is a devastated
    beautiful poetry

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  • darkmetaphor 8w

    Poem Remedies

    Poems were not just poems itselves
    Neither just words nor just rhymes
    It's an expression
    A relief and;
    A bestfriend
    Poetry is a truth
    A beautiful and;
    An ugly truth
    It signifies someone's happiness
    And tragedies
    Every letter
    Every words are significant
    Not just to the reader
    But mostly to the Poet

  • darkmetaphor 9w

    A Heart of Canvas

    My Life was once a canvas
    A plain white empty canvas
    Until a beautiful hands bumped into it and;
    Started flicking his paintbrush called love
    He flicks all over it with colorful moments
    Not too slow, not too fast
    But in a normal flickery
    Sometimes he does abstract
    But it was so fine
    I found it metaphoric
    He may had mistakes
    But he has fixed it countless times
    By then, times has passed
    He had already completed the most beautiful painting in the whole wide universe;
    Which is my Life
    From plain white empty
    To a beautiful canvas
    He told me, he is the greatest artist and;
    That was his masterpiece and;
    His Legacy as well
    For my lover
    Is a Painter

    This is a Poetry for my husband ��
    He painted me a self-portrait.
    Well, that is me ��

    @mirakeeworld @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    Painted by the love of my life ❤️

  • darkmetaphor 9w

    Colorful Toxics

    Red rose with pretty petals
    But has thorns
    Orange garden with floating feathers
    But has storm
    Yellow sunshine that lights up
    But left after it does
    Green sceneries that is fresh from our eyes
    But turns black after a while
    Blue ocean that is wide
    But its big splashes of wave kills
    Indigo park that means happiness
    But turns out to be vain
    Violet rhythm that has a heartful melody
    But soon would be out of tune
    Therefore Life isn't just positivities
    Life is a mixture of colorful matters
    And toxic crayons