appreciating undermined elegance of life

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  • darkpoetess 15w


    Swimming among the clouds of hurt,
    I paint poems of pain across the sky.

  • darkpoetess 15w

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    Humiliation - his teacher.

  • darkpoetess 17w

    Pencil strokes

    Every stroke from my pencil on that paper -
    Doesn't create art,
    It creates a route to my escape.


  • darkpoetess 17w


    Don't become the mistake that others learned from,
    Learn from your own mistakes and inspire people with your success.

  • darkpoetess 45w


    Don't set your limits
    Push yourself out of your comfort zone,
    You'll walk past your set limits and find
    that those limits were just your excuses to not confront your fears.

  • darkpoetess 45w

    Maybe I'm being a realist or just lazy by leaving my art works undone.
    Or maybe i just stop when i feel like i breathed some life into my art work. #life #diary #poetry #thoughts

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    Art that's undone:
    Is vulnerable, yet powerful;
    Is incomplete, yet complete;
    Is imperfect, yet perfect;
    Is unreal, yet real

  • darkpoetess 45w

    You know you all kinda fucked up when you drawing and writing while you're should be sleeping #inspiration #life

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    Every piece of you that you lose,
    Becomes worth losing
    When it becomes a piece of art

  • darkpoetess 63w


    If you wanna touch the sky,
    You have to look past your fear of sun scorching you, and climb up the stairs clouds make for you.
    Opportunities don't present itself everyday,
    but at the times it does, holding onto your fear for failure is merely equal to not trying. So, push the fear aside, take a leap of faith and put your all in it.
    In the end you'll be thankful for whatsoever the outcome will be,
    "Its either one success that could hold you still in one place; or one failure which earns you experience and freedom to fly around and explore more.

  • darkpoetess 65w


    You will feel the existence of humanity,
    Once you start searching for it inside you.

  • darkpoetess 70w

    I wrote this piece the day before my birthday haha.
    Didn't get the peace that I asked for, it's okay. Cuz now i'm in a better place.
    #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #writerscommunity #writer

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    Sky is hiding behind the stars,
    Scars are hiding under my skin.
    Laying there with a heavy heart,
    I don't know why I feel so lost?
    I just realised tomorrow is not so far,
    But can I just get lost?
    While today is running into oblivion,
    Tomorrow is at my doors like a vixen...
    Is it a special day,
    If i dread it like it's my last day?
    Said I won't pick no phone calls,
    You should know nobody truly cares.
    Even when your breathing stops,
    People cry only so much days.
    I just want to be alone and
    Breath at peace...
    Is that too much to ask for?