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  • darkquilt 4d

    It's totally weird how one damn person would toatlly destroy your faith and belief in love..
    Yet again one person somewhere on earth again would make you go head over heels on ❤

    Never loose hope in love..
    The right one would come late.. and won't leave early.. ❤

    Love comes to those who have this tremendous strength and capability of letting them all get consumed into, and yet smile !


  • darkquilt 1w

    I always wanted a man like you.. to be standing by my side..
    In my lows and in my highs.. ❤
    Someone who won't go for an easy task.. instead would stand there still and tall dealing with all the problems approaching..
    Everyone has the option of leaving when things get complicated...
    Everyone has the option of cheating and lying irony in name of love...
    But Honesty, Loyalty and Uncondition love toward your partner is what makes a boy a MAN !

    I got the man I always wanted.. and I feel totally blessed having you .

    May Allah bless you with all his love, love ❤


  • darkquilt 2w

    “People change, feelings change, but that doesn’t mean that the love once shared wasn’t true and real. It simply means that sometimes when people grow, they grow apart.”

    500 Days of Summer (2009)

  • darkquilt 2w

    And cheers to more such emotions..
    More of the smiles..
    More of the fights..
    Plenty full of tears..
    And all set for the next year.. in gears..
    Loads of cravings...
    And bucket full of wishes..
    Tons of love..
    And unapologetically sorry for the grey kisses
    Ups and downs..
    With all the rights and the lefts...
    Sky and sea..
    With your calmness and my deep clefts..
    With your not so melodious songs and
    that cute smile in my head..
    I wish you for a great prosperous and a loving year ahead ❤
    -Taaanni ❤

  • darkquilt 3w

    There are thousands of thoughts and words..
    That yet remains unsaid..
    That yet remains unheard..

    I wish..

    If only, you were capable of reading my eyes and look beyond the scars...
    If only, you were skilled enough to look beneath my skin and search in the dark...


  • darkquilt 5w

    Naazmul Alam Khan ❤

    I wish to see you read these scripts someday.. !
    All astonished and shocked maybe..
    Thinking and wondering about the fact.. that my girl loves me soo much.. and I was just soo soo unaware about it !
    You mean this world to me babyy..
    You are the reason behind this girl standing tall enduring all the pressures and obstacles and still smiling..
    You have always been on my back..
    Holding me supporting me.. and loving me with that very beautiful distance.. ❤
    I never say it though in front of you that often..
    But guess what I feel like writing every poem every story every single line on you..
    Describing you in every single way possible..
    About the way you smile.. your eyes and in total you.. !
    But then that psychopath somehow gets it's way out of me.. and makes me think about all the other girls who may fall for you.. !

    You are my forever baby.. !
    And I wont let anyone break it or take it from me.. ❤
    You are mine !
    Just the way I belong to you.. !

    I loveeee youuu

    @taaanni ❤

  • darkquilt 6w

    Happyyy birthday papa ❤

    You mean this world and
    beyond this world to me
    I have tried my level best to
    imbibe all of your qualities..
    The love that you have in your
    heart.. your innocence and
    so much and more
    Happieessttt 50th birthday papa..
    We love youu ❤

    Yours taani

  • darkquilt 6w

    We may have different bodies..
    But then..
    Our souls are entangled such.. that now your essence resides in me.. and my love has found its home in you ❤

    We may have different eyes..
    But then..
    Our views are entangled such.. that now your sight is what I reflect and my shine is what you want to see.. ❤

    We may have our own different ways to express ourselves..
    But then..
    Our love is entangled such.. that now your eyes speak for what I feel.. and my heart beats for innocence that you have sealed. ❤

    Love yaa baby
    Goood night loveeee ❣


  • darkquilt 8w

    I still think about how dumb I was...
    No wonder.. it's only you who's made for me.. and only me..
    I love you paaagal ❤
    You deserve all the happiness and love that this world has..
    If not me someday.. I wish for you the greatest girl of all times.. who would love you as me.. more than me.. and would keep that smile constant on you..

    And in months... when we get to talk this long..
    I always do get these tears flooding and rushing into my eyes..
    My heart feels even more for you..
    My arms just search for your holds and touch..
    I love you.. baby ❣
    You are a kind of guy that every girl wishes for..

    My perfectly imperfect match !

    In this world and beyond.. I just wish to fall in love with you now.. again and always ❤

    - Love taani ❤

  • darkquilt 8w

    I own you ❤

    Your warm heart is the home that I want to live in forever..
    Your beautiful eyes are the place where I want to see myself forever..
    You are the one with whom I want to fall in love again and forever..
    You are simply my definition for forever..

    Many of such great years to come love !
    Miss ya !