Love isn't meant for me...still loves to write love

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  • darkzmoon 1w

    When you burn for the right one,
    you shine...

  • darkzmoon 3w

    He is the sun shining
    for the moon in me...

  • darkzmoon 5w

    Tumhare paas to phir bhi tum ho...
    Mere paas to main bhi nhi...

  • darkzmoon 7w

    No books could ever tell you how being in love with someone feels....

  • darkzmoon 11w

    Phir ek baar milo pehli baar ki tarah...
    Phir ek baar tumhe pehli baar dekhna hai...

  • darkzmoon 11w

    Is it possible to fall in love with a voice?
    Is it possible to fall for the way he strings words together, for the way one can tell how he feels while singing them?
    Is it possible to fall in love with the way he breathes between notes?

    Something inside me wakes up and comes alive when I hear his voice and I have to admit I think I am as much in love with him now as I would be if he were right beside me.....

  • darkzmoon 13w

    May someone prove you wrong by loving you right!!

  • darkzmoon 14w

    It's okay if you fall apart
    around me..
    I'm not so whole myself..

  • darkzmoon 15w

    Yaad mehboob ki aur sardi shiddat ki...
    Dekhte hain abki humein kaun beemar karta hai!!


  • darkzmoon 17w

    Saza ye hai ki banjar zameen hun main....
    Zulm ye hai ki baarish se ishq ho gaya...!!!