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  • darshanaporwal 7w

    A year passed

    Mr. Ratnawat,

    What should I write for the man who always gives word to my silence?

    From a friend to a mentor to my Man and my best friend for life, we've come a long way. But still a long way is ahead of us. Its been a long time since l asked you to be your "BETTER HALF" ❤️and the journey from then has been a fantastic one. Today i won't talk about how much I love you and how much you love me. That we do everyday in different ways.

    Today I want to us do some new vows. I want you to mentor my soul now and I want to help yours. We've been a support system for each other at different phases of life, health, healing, career and every little and big things. But today let's take the vow that along with growing old together, we grow together spiritually and emotionally. Let's hold hands and walk towards the journey of ultimate destination. Let our love be the guiding light to our soul. Let our story inspire those who are in search of love and light.

    To infinity and beyond,
    Mrs Ratnawat


  • darshanaporwal 11w

    Universe and You

    The universe bounded us together
    Because we were made from the same stardust❤️

  • darshanaporwal 13w


    You are my best freind
    When I am down

    You are my soulmate
    When i need love

    You are my sunshine
    To the darkest night

    You are like my dad
    When I need care

    You are like my mom
    When I need a shoulder to cry on

    You are like my sibling
    Who annoys me every time

    You are the address to all
    My handwritten letters

    You are the patient listener
    To all my nonsensical talks

    You are the prime person
    Who makes me stronger everyday...

  • darshanaporwal 20w

    Samajhte samajhte duniya ko,
    Khud ko kho bethe hum,
    Kyu koi nhi is jahan me,
    Jo smjhe us koshish ko..

    Khafa jo tum hue humse, ,
    Thode to hum bhi hue khudse,
    Kyu nhi samajhte jarurt tumhari,
    Hoti hai har pal pr kese batlaye tumko..

    Haan smjhti hu me ki narazgi
    Tumhari hai jayaz,
    Pr kya tumhe ye nhi pata ki,
    Khudse jyada tumhe chahte hai hum....

    Kaise btau me tumko,
    Kese ehsas krau,
    Ki tum ho to hum hai,
    Wrna yeh zindagi begaar hai...


  • darshanaporwal 36w

    Travel twelve hours to another
    City, just to see him,

  • darshanaporwal 42w

    I think life is all about taking vibes in and just go with the flow,

    Don't overthink about it
    Just keep moving.

    You can't always have answers
    About certain situations.

    You can't run away from
    your actions.

    You just can't simply google your life
    About how to live.

    It's your Life
    Take the charge.


  • darshanaporwal 42w

    Re Kabira Maan Ja

    "Mast maula mast kalandar, tu hawa ka ek bawandar"
    People call me cheerful, the one who won't stop talking. I am a person full of life.

  • darshanaporwal 44w


    Life is a test and trials,
    Test and trials were never supposed to be easy,
    So, when you are expecting ease from life,
    And life gives you lemon and then you make a lemonade and then don't blame life for that,
    Because you were expecting ease from a trial.
    Trials make you stronger and a better person,
    Its okay to be scared, its okay to cry,
    But giving up should not be an option,
    Failure should always be an option,
    Because when you fail, you will get up and that keeps you going,
    There are so many people in the world who are dreaming of life that you are living right now. Embrace each and every breathe you are taking, Accept yourself the way you are
    ©darshana porwal

  • darshanaporwal 45w

    I will admit I am a type of girl. That needs your attention, i like talking to you all day long and getting text from you that let me know you are thinking of me. I like it when you show me off & let the world know I'm yours. I am not asking you to make your whole world around me but make me feel wanted.

  • darshanaporwal 47w


    I lay in my bed and think of you,
    I love you so much i don't know what to do,
    I feel your warmth at my side,
    The pain in my heart moves to my eyes,
    So far away yet always so near,
    You are the reason i am still here...

    I wait the times when we talk,
    Awaits the times when we can finally hold and walk,
    To feel you for real, so close to me...
    The happiest person in the world is that you, Make me....

    Your eyes shines like a million stars,
    You shine more brightly than the moon in sky,
    Your smile can make me smile,
    I await the time when my hands is in yours,
    To hear you say those 3 Lil words,....

    My heart has still no words to describe,
    My heart it aches and my eyes even they cry,
    But when we talk my heart flies
    You always make my tears wipe....

    Long-distance is the purest of all,
    You doesn't seem to saw the face of your love,
    Still you love them more than the world...