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  • davetrotter 10h

    Not everything you want
    is going to give you
    what's best in the end.

    Sometimes the price of what
    you want is going to cost you
    what's more important.

  • davetrotter 18h

    If the cycle that you're in has created a bad pattern.
    You have to change your cycle

    It's best to go a different path
    if the path you are on leads
    you to destruction

  • davetrotter 18h

    Love that is reciprocated is blessed with more love.
    Love that is neglected dies.

    You say you love her
    but you don't treat her right.
    Don't expect her to treat you right.

  • davetrotter 18h

    You do not pay attention to GOD. So how do you expect God to pay attention to you who don't love HIM


  • davetrotter 18h

    Imagine if everyone would read the Word of God much more than they watch the news & the Media.

    Good would win much more and
    evil would win very little.
    Crime would be reduced by 75%.
    There would be extremely less divorce.
    There would be extremely less people in prison.
    There would be extremely a lot of love in people.
    But yet the people neglect the Supernatural News from God.
    For the entertainment and the News of a world which full of evil.

  • davetrotter 1d

    There's nothing gained that will not be lost when you die except for a soul in Christ

    In Christ I Stand all other
    ground will be gone.

  • davetrotter 2d


    You need to pay attention to God. God made all the rules of life.
    Obey God.
    Don't ignore God.
    ESV Psalm 50:22 Mark this, then, you who forget God, least I tear you apart and there be none to deliver

  • davetrotter 3d

    I wonder

    Sometimes we lose or minds in a moment in time.
    Then we regain it back after a minute and wonder where we've been.

  • davetrotter 3d

    I love her so much

    She's was broken and sad.
    So I began to put the pieces
    of her back together again
    with a love song.
    I began to sing to her, her favorite love song and she began to smile.
    Then she began sing along.
    The color of her cheeks came back and her spirit was revived.
    So whenever she's sad I sing to
    her, her favorite love song.
    Then I kiss her sweetly, softly and gently hold her in my arms until
    she is full of my love again.

  • davetrotter 3d

    Don't be with somebody who's like a straw who sucks the life right out
    of you.

    Be with someone who breathes good life into you.
    Who cares about you to bring you the sunshine when it rains.
    Who when you are sad sings you a happy song that makes you glad.