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  • david_egnoy 5w

    Love is like a river,
    A never ending stream.
    Love is shared by each other
    To answer someone's dream.

    It's a never ending story;
    Love is not a lie.
    You can share in all its glory,
    For love will never die.

    Love is all around you,
    The moon and stars above.
    Love is a gift from God,
    And you're the best gift,
    And I'm the luckiest
    Cause received have I you.

  • david_egnoy 14w

    People can change,
    I too can change,
    But what never changes
    Is God's immeasurable love,
    For you and me,
    That's the only thing,
    Which never does change

  • david_egnoy 14w


    Somethings are just meant to be,
    You try, you even give your best,
    But in the end, it turns out,
    That too much of a good thing,
    Won't be good anymore.

    Beginnings always hides
    Themselves in ends,
    Roses yet so beautiful
    have stingy thorns,
    That's the way of life.

    Run away should we not,
    For it is what it is,
    Remember should we not,
    The mishaps and the circumstances,
    But embrace must we,
    The the memories and the good times.

    For dust are we and
    to dust we returnest
    let not anything cage you,
    Cage you up in your soul,
    But live and see the beauty,
    In the smallest sparks of joy,
    Even in the darkest of days.

  • david_egnoy 14w

    Although life's short,
    It's meant to be cherished.
    For such a wonderful gift it is,
    To the ones who are grateful,
    To the ones who always hope,
    To the ones who believe in love,
    And to the ones who always dream.

  • david_egnoy 14w

    Life is only lived once,
    Make it not a woefull one,
    Every minute, every hour,
    Like water dripping out of cistern,
    Life drips away into a dark abyss,
    Where realities and fantasies vanish,
    Where dreams and wishes fade away.

  • david_egnoy 14w


    Youth and health are something,
    Which we all want, require and need,
    But no way can one keep hold of it,
    Like snow which melts on a sunny day,
    Like the night crawling to overshaddow the evening,
    And like the storm before a calm,
    It comes and leaves an irreversible mark.

  • david_egnoy 15w

    How often do we feel short,
    Short of self identify and worth,
    Wipe off those blurry lies
    From your window of life,
    And let the sunshine In
    So that warm may you feel,
    In your spirit, soul and smile,
    Cause words are short to describe you,
    And short are numbers to explain your value.

  • david_egnoy 90w

    Drops of Joy

    What if the blue sky
    Lost it's colour,
    What if the night
    Lost it's darkness,
    We may still breathe
    We may still grow from it
    And our hearts, though fragile,
    Would still continue to love

    But, what if we forget Love,
    What if joy runs out,
    The world we know
    Would never be the same,
    Smiles would just be
    A long forgotten piece of history,
    And the true meaning of life
    Would just be a forgotten mystery.

    The doors to love and freedom
    Should never be closed,
    The bright candle of Hope
    Should never be blown out,
    And the volume of happiness
    Should never be turned down.
    But instead, We should grow,
    Grow by Loving one another.

  • david_egnoy 90w


    There is never an end,
    To Shields and Swords,
    And so, with hatred
    And people unkind.
    For if the world we live in
    Was to be a better one,
    Hope wouldn't be
    Our ally in times of wrong,
    Our spark in times of struggle,
    For it is through Hope,
    We learn to live and laugh,
    We aspire, we dream
    We succeed through Hope,
    Life is but a beautiful Hope.

  • david_egnoy 90w

    Deep is the ocean,
    Deeper may be you're thoughts,
    But there is nothing Deeper,
    Deeper than God's immeasurable