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  • davidrodriguez 4h


    Doubt whispers "follow me!"
    And below the water she leads us all
    I'm tired of gasping for air
    I'm so tired of picking up her call
    Please seal up this hole with what is whole

  • davidrodriguez 20h


    There's growth in being
    Oh so simply and gracefully being
    As the filters of a heart is washed clean
    by the roaring waters of a reality supreme
    Are we responsible for our actions?
    And if so
    Who is responsible for we?
    Answer the second question and the first would address itself
    But that would take some trust, wouldn't it?
    That would take some humility unfeigned
    As if any one of us, wise or fool, knew anything at all without the fire that sets the sun ablaze and hearts of mankind alike
    Is this the love that you've learned to fight?


  • davidrodriguez 4d

    Sir Render

    I'm tired of fighting myself
    A droplet of letting go
    Is a river of reception
    Destiny knows where to flow

  • davidrodriguez 4d


    A single breath for every lie mankind has believed
    would give a giant enough oxygen to live forever
    But I read a story of a young shepard boy
    with a slingshot and a mustard seed portion of faith
    Immortality belongs to the meek
    Let the giants flee from the miraculous
    No matter how humble the beginning
    The underdog is after the heart of God
    And he, even she, shall uproot everything in their way to find it

  • davidrodriguez 4d


    When the music ends
    You'll find me in the silence that gave every note space to be
    Death is only the foe we think it to be
    And how often have our thoughts been incorrect?
    Death is swallowed up the moment she reveals herself
    Let those destined to fear, fear
    But those who are called to love, let us live out the book of life

  • davidrodriguez 5d

    If they destroy you, then create

    All I thought I knew
    Was pebbles inside my shoe
    My reflexes were so dull
    Now I'm free to be the flow
    They might nod or they might rage
    Im so sick of praise and blame
    Let the dirt bow to the signs
    Let the spirit kill the games
    Culture so far from the kosher
    Piggy banks assaulting roses
    Reason I'm not who they say
    Reason I lift my lips up and pray
    All in All, tomorrow might be today

  • davidrodriguez 5d

    Who, what, where, when, why?

    "Who" found out "What", just to run back into the arms of "Why", and "Where" tried to figure out "When" this beautiful tragedy took place

    And God only knows how any of this happened

  • davidrodriguez 5d

    Wrong turn?

    So many wrong turns
    So so many
    Yet here I AM with you
    That's enough to fall out of love with the need for being right

  • davidrodriguez 5d


    Show me the man who says he knows
    I'll show you a prisoner

  • davidrodriguez 5d


    I had run out of things to say about the beginning
    About the end
    So I decided to walk inside the beginning
    Inside the end
    And Now
    I can't shut up about any of it
    Any of what?
    Look around from within!
    Look within from around!
    Alice sends her regards
    And Jonah
    That brave coward he is
    Says he still misses his plant
    But he's learning to cope