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  • dawnfaith 1w


    Body of Water to feed the lands below our feet
    Tulips in the field hiding in plain sight
    Archery targets for those to practice aim
    A Tree stood proud leaves blowing into the sky

    Cheers raised up as people race to beat each other
    Medals given out to the winner and hopeful
    The Smell of Cotton candy and beer always brought people in
    "Who's excited to get outside and eat?"

    Dancers on stage playing with fire
    The Parade floats beautiful with a tint of sadness
    Cakes baked into ovens and sold for a few bucks
    Deers and rabbits run from being hunted for dinner

    Warm, No Danger
    Yet two miles away there's someone in need of sanctuary from salty tears
    Blood covering the stone floors of the poor land

    "Not everyone has it easy, Like we do, Be Grateful beyond what you see"

  • dawnfaith 2w

    Trick of the light

    "Please my dear friend lift me up in your arms and take me to the chambers, There i shall lay for the final time with my Siblings"

    Her Godfather Murphy did as he was told silently walking down the hallways with the fragile old wise body of the princess, He had raised her since she was such a little babe...It broke his heart to let go but at least he knew she'll have her siblings by her side

    "The words from the Great old book of Legacy are thou this 'The Trick of the light isn't the only thing making you see angels it's more of you seeing time run out for your cherished person' Strange isn't it? How we fall so low and yet feel at peace"

    Murphy walked passed a Ray of sunlight beaming through the colorful windowpanes as he walked he saw Wings spread out from Amelia back, Crystal white not a speck of darkness...

    "Thank you Murphy for this enjoyable ride, I've actually seen what people say 'Limelight' You may go now and let me rest the light in here is bright enough to blind you and you deserve to see where my spirit goes"

    Murphy sat in the chair beside Amelia bed where her siblings were already gone judging by the feel of their skin it was Two minutes ago

    Amelia laid down and breathing in the sunlight as her pale skin soaked up the warmth of being loved

    "You once said that being alone isn't a Sin it's a blessing...Tell me more before I go"

    Murphy nodded "Alright that's a promise to you alone" As he told his stories Amelia closed her eyes sleeping for a long time never realizing that she had fulfilled a promise to her Godfather

    Murphy heard the Bells Ring and birds flapping their wings, He stood and closed the curtains

    "Sleep, You deserve it" He leaves the room feeling better

  • dawnfaith 3w

    Doesn't matter

    He was a hero
    He wasn't evil as people make him out to be
    He fought for what he thought was right
    While others thought what he did was wrong
    But it didn't matter to him because he knew

    "Even if I don't fight today, someone later in years will come along and finish my legacy of what we call the blunt truth"

    As he lays down to sleep, the candle near the window flickers giving off a tiny amount of solitude for him to hear ticking from the grandfather clock

    It was a honorary confinement to him alone
    He didn't need parades
    He didn't need medals
    All he needed was a book and pen

    As the years change from day one of him fighting for granted
    It actually left a mark in a stone, someone saw

    The person cleared away the weeds from the old grave after 25 years and it read

    "I wouldn't use the blunt truth to hurt like a bullet but as you read my engravings on this stone just know I'm not always right but throughout history, my eyes haven't fully seen the light until my final moments. Don't look at my skin, Don't listen to me, Just Know that you'll always have me"

    The person took a picture and posted it on Instagram


  • dawnfaith 3w

    Soul Singer Quote

    A Person who can Sing about Stories from the Land of the Lies, They Experienced it First hand and Shall be Rid of the world but without leaving a imprint on the journey.

  • dawnfaith 5w


    Mickey mouse
    Minnie mouse
    I have nothing to say, You guys are mouses trapped in a world where everything is learning

    Donald Duck
    Daisy Duck
    All you do is quack at each other and it's quite annoying please go eat some bread

    Goofy my favorite all the more crazy like us who want to escape from duties like driving on the road safely

    Many more characters to prove that they are worthy but only a few made it into my heart

    Tiana the hard working woman in New Orleans who won't stop digging a little deeper

    Jasime the princess who won't let any man have control over her

    Mulan the one who helps others but never ask for help, Fights a war and comes home

    Congratulations my favorites ❤

  • dawnfaith 5w


    Colored or Not
    Endure what life throws at you
    But don't neglect the fact that you'll be the one remembered

  • dawnfaith 6w


    To be honest I don't trust you!
    I'm not a fan of bugs at all
    Your clothes and hair covered in them
    Crawling and making sounds, I freak out

    I don't like it at all but I do want power to publish a horror story filled with ghouls of delight as they target my family

    But what would I lose if I do accept your deal

    I have everything I ever wanted except my family misfortunes

    Do I accept or no.....I'll hold off for now

  • dawnfaith 6w

    Write Twitter

    My favorite music has to be something that doesn't make any sense in the environment of today's accessibility

    When looking into the moon there's only one thought in my mind....Find shelter

    Yes, The moon is bright and leaves a light on but passionate without a effect on my heart

    Passing windows watching people and pets cherish what they have and not be greedy made me feel something I can't call regret

    I call it satisfaction that they can have something that will keep them on the good end of that balance....A mother's heart can only fill so much at a time

    A father's proud shake of a hand proved that you're ready to leave the house and get into the college you always wanted.....But which college

    Everybody has more than one talent but I believe that one most important talent in a person isn't their kindness it's something better

    The way to feel pain when it's not their own

    Hold on tight and let go at the same time.....

    I'm just being paranoid probably

    But could it really change the future

  • dawnfaith 7w


    The fastest way to end up the winner is to punch the leg while your opponent tries the stomach

    Strength isn't better
    Weakness isn't harder
    They balance in justice

    If you don't put anger into your fist then they'll say "You punch like a girl"

    Well I got news for you! I am a girl and I'm proud to actually show my deviance to your superior

    May not be Alpha
    May not be Beta
    May not be Omega

    But it's worth the effort to see you kneel at my feet and admit defeat

    We may be equals at first, but when we're in the ring I'll show you that sometimes you can't always win

    Who'll win this year world cup of Evil

    Stay tuned for next time!

  • dawnfaith 7w

    Quote for most

    Don't pressure yourself to do your best in effort
    Most will know you try by watching you be kind
    That's enough for them to give you a chance