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  • day_dreamz 2w

    Reverie and heart-ache

    Rare are the moments that once were many
    The moments of reverie..
    The moments of heart-ache...
    Should I be glad for my fresh start?
    Oh yes, I am!
    And yet the heart yearns for those moments once more
    No I'm not sadistic
    I just miss my companions alot!
    After all, its the moments of reverie and heartache that wrapped me in its warmth
    And let me out once more,
    To start anew, hopeful and strong...

  • day_dreamz 3w

    P.S- Hi!!!! So so sorry I havent read any posts lately, cant wait to read them all
    Thank you for all the tags and shares... I'll read it all as soon as possible
    Soooo glad to be here again!!!

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    Its all a dream, it seems it was..
    And now the bubble has burst at last
    What remains now is fear and hope
    All in one package...

  • day_dreamz 6w

    Some dreams remain where they started,
    Within ourselves
    Just like the flicker of a firefly
    Soothing our nerves with its simple but beautiful light
    Yet with an ache so painful for the dream that never did live

  • day_dreamz 7w

    Bend in the road

    As always I made the same resolution
    No more stops, no more distractions
    Just one straight line to follow
    Or so I thought...
    And as always, the straight line became invisible
    As bend in the roads became my speciality
    Once more a dusty careworn path hidden from the world
    Lured me in with its mysterious air
    And here I stay where silence plays its music with wondrous zeal
    Here I stay till the magic fades
    And once more shall I resolve to follow the map
    Alas! my heart fails to realize the simple truth,
    Bend in the roads is my speciality...

  • day_dreamz 7w

    My dear fellow Mirakeeans❤❤❤❤
    Its indeed a gift, another year, another chance
    Let this Brand-new Gift of 2020 Bring along Joy and Peace for All!!!
    Many Surprises and Shocks as well is in store for each of us, as always��
    May The Almighty Bless You With a Beautiful Year Ahead Enjoying and Sharing the Sweetness of Life while Facing the Hard parts with Faith and Strength too������
    #mirakee #witerstolli

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    With frightful anticipation do I wait
    Full of excitement
    And terrified silence
    As the clock proclaims the 12th hour
    A Gift box at my doorstep
    All wrapped in ribbon and sealed
    So full of life, waiting to burst out
    2020 Has indeed Arrived!!!

  • day_dreamz 7w

    A different start

    Reluctant to step forward
    Want to retire into my bed even before starting
    Fear remains rooted
    Branching out further
    Numb are the nerves
    No more stepping out can I do
    But this is not the end...
    Nope, its just a beginning
    in a novel way
    Stepping out not with my feet
    But with my mind

  • day_dreamz 7w

    Bright are the stars that paint the dark
    Glistening, Shimmering, Twinkling
    Blinking in and out
    Inviting you to join hands to wonder
    at it's ethereal beauty
    Stars are that which reminds us,
    sometimes beauty comes with its darkness...

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  • day_dreamz 8w

    Wait a little more

    Slowly but surely darkness became my comfort-zone
    And when I eventually did discover light
    It hurt my eyes so bad that I just wanted to crawl back to my cave
    But No! Keep moving forward
    The motto that I choose, so hard yet not impossible
    Of course the light hurts your eyes
    But not for long
    Just stand a little longer
    By and by, the rays that you despise now
    will become your safe haven
    Only if you would wait a little more...

  • day_dreamz 9w

    E r a d i c a t e s

  • day_dreamz 9w

    E n h a n c e s