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  • de_light 2w

    Heart of Hearts

    Two beautiful hearts
    That's a HE-- ARts
    Beating simultaneously
    Ploughing a route of entrenchment called Love

    The nature of the route tends to determine the beats
    Yes you heard me two hearts
    . (That's HE--ARTs)

    The beauty of the route swept me off my feet
    Hence I couldn't notice

    You withdrew your heart in the middle of the route
    Living my heart to wander about

    I thought it's meant to be Heart of Hearts
    But it's HE-ARts
    You Art'd and I Hearted.
    Now I'm lost.

  • de_light 2w


    My love life is an untold life tale,
    Narrated in a heartwarming poetry
    Cruise with me while I conjure the pieces to a write up.

  • de_light 5w

    When I'm afar
    And you are beyond
    Distance turns to validate our union

    But our souls are mating on the same stretch
    Let's take a sip of liquor
    And get drunk in love

    Let's drink off our past and woes
    Cheers to our Up's and Low's
    And allow our Souls to Mate.

    Then we can be Soulmates
    Let's get drunk in Love


  • de_light 7w

    Bear it in mind
    A muddy water also quenches fire.
    Do not despise any one.

  • de_light 9w

    Dear mom
    I've seen you in your broken state
    I've seen you sob
    I've seen you struggle to make ends meet
    I've seen you do all your possible best for me
    I've seen you loan just to make me happy
    I've seen you smile in my face just to tame situations
    And cry behind closed doors

    Oh ye woman of steel
    Daughter, daughter, daughter of my foremost parents
    Claded with a heart of gold and beats of survival

    I hail you.
    I celebrate you
    Blessed birthday to you
    I am because you're
    God bless and keep you for me
    May he strengthen and renew your spirit.
    Soon you'll smile off your pain

    Thanks for your sacrifices
    I love you boundlessly VESTA❤

  • de_light 9w

    Can we say life's a scam?
    And living it as investing in a ponzi scheme?

    You're robbed off your loved ones by the frailing hands of death unguardedly and in least expectancy.

    A seed is planted, it germinates
    A seedling sprungs up, out of it blossoms a flower
    And it's petals brightens up the garden.

    But as to how it grows and withers depends on the creator.

    We Live to Leave
    We Live to Wither
    We Live to Die
    Death is inevitable but as to the manner, timing and occurrence keeps breaking hearts.

    May the souls of the departed find peace.
    And the grieving mortals find Consolations.


  • de_light 10w

    I've got this feeling
    An entangled one to be precise

    It feels all good from the onset
    Thoughts of it gears up my emotions

    Sending the rhythmic beats of my heart to crescendo
    Imaginary visuals sends shivers down and keeps me on the hitch

    Then reality dawns on me
    Changing the pace of my heartbeats

    Conscience box constantly reminding me

    We're far from love
    Indeed we are far from love
    And it knowest us not.


  • de_light 10w

    Dear future husband
    #writers network

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    I'll love to lay beside you
    I'll love to wake up next to you
    I'll love to view your masculine features
    All the details of your abs exposed to my view

    I'll love to see the contours of your chest
    As you breathe in and out
    And your lower body perking up to the morning cold

    I'll love to see you shower
    As the water makes love to your skin
    Running through your hair down to the contours of your body.

    I'll love to see you in a pajamas
    As you dress up for work

    I'll love to be the On You Kiss
    Before you step out the door each morning

    I'll love to run it aback
    Perhaps forever, but if that's not possible
    Then Till Death Do Us Apart

  • de_light 13w

    If you ever knew where we came from,
    You wouldn't want us to fail nor back off
    Because we got a lotta people to shame.

  • de_light 16w

    Until you come to realization,
    And dispatch yourself from the notion that
    Not all who you begun with ;
    Not all who you associate with ;
    Not all who wine and dine with '
    Not all who you succour out,
    Will prop you out and include
    You in their success stories.
    You'll turn to bottle up feelings against them
    And be crestfallen.

    ©de_light ✨