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  • debayandasgupta 1w

    How does it read

    If double of 20 were not 40
    and if Rick would travel
    without Morty
    i would still
    look for skies
    in blue curtains
    I will hope to find
    there what you promised me once

    petals clashing with each other
    and bleeding in different colours
    if double of 20 were not 40
    i will stop

  • debayandasgupta 13w

    Miracles and Toothaches

    are not quite the same
    infact most will say
    they are poles apart
    but I beg to differ
    I think toothache are
    the biggest miracle
    it shows that it doesn't take
    a H-bomb to obliterate you
    and that flossing isn't the
    key to good teeth
    only no teeth
    is good teeth
    its a miracle

  • debayandasgupta 15w


    Whatever happens
    happens for the best
    other than your neighbour
    roving in his new Porsche 911
    that had given you wet dreams
    since you understood
    what dreams are
    or for that matter
    your house burning
    because of a careless cigarette
    you forgot to stub
    whatever happens
    happens for the best
    other than a deep sigh
    refusing to come out
    as an exhalation
    instead sticking as sore history
    somewhere between your lungs.

  • debayandasgupta 16w

    An ode to emptiness

    The only thing holy is empty
    silence is empty
    beauty is empty
    you are empty
    when you are only you

  • debayandasgupta 17w

    Little By Little

    Mornings tilt to afternoons
    made of pills and perils,
    and the rest of the day
    passes into a world of lost
    populated by umbrellas and erasers;
    and ofcourse promises made by lovers.

  • debayandasgupta 19w

    On somedays that is

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    Somedays you wake up
    within exploding lemons,
    wrapped in rainbows,
    as reborn
    within airwalls.

  • debayandasgupta 23w

    Should be!

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    Things are where they should be!

    Blood is in the veins,
    Juice is in the jar,
    it's 7a.m again
    the drunk is in the bar.

    There are rumours
    in the neighbourhood
    and sounds in the gut,
    there are ghosts in the town
    and the shops are mostly shut.

    Things are where they should be,
    like a smile is on the lips
    the drunk empties his bottle
    & leaves peanuts for tips!

  • debayandasgupta 24w

    Let the questions live. Because you are one.

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    Mark of a question

    When an answer is found
    its question is discarded.
    Junked. Forgotten. Forsaken.

    Hence, its not just a luxury
    for a question to be difficult,
    but also a requisite for survival.
    There can be all sorts of questions.
    Unnecessary. Unimportant. Unkind.
    but unanswerable is what makes a good question great.
    And only a great question will live.
    Talking of great questions;
    What happens after death? must be right up there.
    2nd to only perhaps the unanswerability of
    What happens before death?

  • debayandasgupta 24w

    Timely Arrivals

    of unwanted guests
    isn't that big a problem
    as long as you are not home.

  • debayandasgupta 25w

    You and I

    Like spinach and Popeye,
    like falling rain
    and window pane.
    Like clashing metals
    not letting the calm collect itself
    nor letting the dust settle.
    Jumping steps,
    Making matter liquid
    making liquid air &
    making air vacuum.

    You and I
    another try.