African Teen.I love writing.Foodie for words. Poetry is the air I breath and my rays of sun.

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  • dee_lines 4w

    Push your tongue in me
    stroke and toy
    Make me clench
    Cause my toes to curl

    Your finger tips
    Gently strokes as brushes
    Writing passion on my skin
    Marking me as yours
    Painting fire
    Sketching desire

    Guide my hand
    A brush to paint
    my words on my skin
    Push me to write
    Filling my gasps

    Go lower
    my overly silk folds
    Slide wet with each stroke
    Till the done dance of foreplay
    Birthday suits on display

    First put your tip
    seeking entrance
    Forming a bridge between us
    Connecting us sweetly
    Then the intrusion
    Causing fusion
    Completely sliding and
    riding through those
    wall bumps

    In oneness
    Compressed enlargement
    Shattering like glasses
    No words needed
    As one we beaded

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    After the dance of foreplay; the art of oneness.

    Push your tongue in me
    stroke and toy
    Make me clench
    Cause my toes to curl

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  • dee_lines 4w

    I crave to float without the smoke I cannot

    I long to drown without the ocean I cannot

    I want to burn without the fire I cannot

    I desire to freeze without the cold I cannot

  • dee_lines 6w

    Lovers to strangers

    Let’s say forever
    Knowing its in the moment fever
    Our love would wash with the river
    Our unwavering loyalty would quiver
    Pillow talks of sweating passion cover
    Disguised hearted confessions of ’never’

    Promise to stay with me
    Knowing you will leave me
    Stay in my heart like a flashlight
    Though you will pass in a flash
    Let every sheet entangle in heat
    Then be thrown away with the wind
    Let our bodies glide in perfect union
    Afterwards slide in crumbled commotion

    Swear to love me invariably
    Knowing we would shatter diversely
    Hold my hands to walk down the beach
    As much time fate would allow us breach
    Our minds will rub freely and empeach

    Give me long lasting kisses
    Knowing they will turn to ash
    Hold me tight tonight
    Let’s believe we are right
    By the morning I will be gone
    Let’s be lovers tonight and strangers by morn

  • dee_lines 7w

    Nothing connects two souls than having read the same book.

  • dee_lines 10w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Comfort

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    In my skin, in and out I find my comfort.

  • dee_lines 10w

    That night I cried,
    The hearth in my soul that blazed for you quenched.

  • dee_lines 10w

    My veins pulsated in pain
    Yet you put me through it again and again
    Every emotional roller coaster was in vain
    But that night I cried a rain,
    Every feeling drenched
    The hearth in my heart that blazed for you quenched.

  • dee_lines 14w

    Being able to love and unlove is an underated blessing

  • dee_lines 16w

    Beauty in Memories

    Memories are things, events and persons that are remembered. Moments have to pass as history to become memories. Beautiful moments have to pass to become beautiful memories.

    Moments last seconds, but memories last forever.

    Nothing is too beautiful to become a memory, ‘cause your memories deserve beautiful happenings just as you. Your memories are you, what makes you. So let go when you’ve to.

    It might seem too beautiful to let go, but you aren’t exactly letting go, you’re just making beautiful memories. Moments you remember and laugh or cry bitter sweetly.

    If you don’t want to let go, letting the present become a past, how would you’ve memories? It becomes impossible.

    Let go. Let that love go, let that person go, let the moments become memories. Bask in it. Make more beautiful moments knowing they’ll pass to become memories. You deserve those beautiful memories.

    Memories of the laughter, the arguments. Memories of tangling tongues, brushing lips. Memories of power thrusts and low groans. Memories of resting on those strong shoulders or holding those delicate hands.

    Let them become memories. You deserve beautiful ones. Let go. The beauty in your memories is from making new moments.

  • dee_lines 17w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word micro-tale on Landscape

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    Let's landscape every soil with pieces poetry