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  • deepak__ 2d

    What is a girl?
    A girl is a sign of empowerment , beauty , strength and matured thoughts than men .
    A girl is the one who hides many pains and sacrifices her happiness just to put a smile on the face of people she has.
    A girl is a true meaning of joy and happiness and a family is always incomplete without a girl child .
    I'm lucky I guess that I found the same girl as my daughter for this life time ❤️
    For your every action and love and care you have for me is more . I love you more than anything else after my mom cause she is also a girl who taught me what girls are . Finally you're the girl of my heart and daughter to my life . Happy daughter's day nanaaa❤️. I promise to be always behind your back and help you climb every step towards the success and happiness of life . I'll try to be the best for you and I'll never let anything happen to you . I promise to keep that cute and funny smile of yours lasting untill forever. I'll take all your pains and revert them into true joy. I'll do everything for my daughter no matter what , everything for you cause your my world and no boundary will apart you from me cause I'll cross any boundary for you . Always be happy nanna. Your the bestest daughter I have . Happy daughter's day ❤️❤️❤️

  • deepak__ 4d

    1000 HOURS....

    It's been 1000hours
    1000 hours since I began to torture you
    since you started to bear my stupidity
    since Im laughing for no reason
    since I forgot to cry
    since I started celebrating every second
    since I got to know myself
    since you made my life memorable


    - Aparna

  • deepak__ 3w

    The day you came into my life ,
    I've been drowning in your sea of love again and again...
    I don't understand this connection between us.
    But our feelings and love occurs in unison.
    In dark nights the stars tend to shine... ,
    but your my star who always tends to shine bright in this dark heart of mine.
    How can I tell you what I feel for you ,
    I feel like a millions of feelings running through the arteries of my heart just for you ,
    I can't even find the words for my love I'm having on you .
    Your not just my passion or companion,
    your my only one and only obsession.
    My love for you is more than what actually love is......!

  • deepak__ 4w

    The soul in my heart

    Under the peaceful night skies ,
    I silently admire your enchanting eyes,
    Deep inside whenever my heart cries ,
    I adore the charm in your cute smiles,
    Cause you motivated every little fear in me,
    And binded me in your unconditional love,
    You helped me find my ways ,
    When I was lost in my darkest days,
    You made me realise my true worth,
    And your love gave a reason for my birth,
    Your were everything I always wished for,
    And you turned out to be even more,
    Now all I do is fly in your sky of love,
    Free and open like a dove ️,
    Cause you are the soul in my heart ❤️

  • deepak__ 5w

    I never anticipated that I will be floating in lake full of happiness untill I saw you ,
    i never dreamt that someone would be ready to fight against the whole world for me until i saw you,
    And this sweet tale of ours describes about the truest path of love and undying feelings that exists forever and ever...

  • deepak__ 5w

    i never know that someone would make me realise my actual worth until i saw you
    i never wanted someone to be all mine until I saw you
    i never hoped that someone would make me believe about forever until i saw you
    i never presumed that i will be lost in thoughts of someone until i saw u
    i never saw someone who
    Would admire me if im the most valuable possession until i saw you
    i never guessed someone will put every effort possible just to make me smile
    i never predicted that just the name of someone will raise my heartbeat until i saw you
    I never thought there would be someone who would always fight with me to show more love until I saw you ,

  • deepak__ 5w


    I never believed in destiny until i saw you
    i never thought my life would be so perfect until i saw you
    i never expected a male version of myself until i saw you
    i never imagined that the concept of soulmates prevail until i saw you
    i never felt that true love could be as beautiful as heaven until i saw you
    i never anticipated that someone would walk into my life to take all my pains away until i saw you
    i never looked forward to be someone's future until i saw you
    i never assumed someone would care every single thing of mine until i saw you
    i never realised that someone would build me a trust filled with love forever until i saw you
    i never noticed someone suffering for my pain more than theirs until i saw you
    i never awaited for someone's presence until i saw you..

  • deepak__ 7w

    Hearts are delicate and precious,
    If you can't hold it properly,
    Make sure you don't break it atleast.

  • deepak__ 7w

    In midst of the night I stare at the moon,
    From the windows of my room ,
    Admiring the dark sky and stars,
    And trying to reconcile my heart filled with scars,
    I open the gates of the dam I built in my eyes,
    And let the tears flow untill my soul stops it's cries,
    And when I speak with the night about my love for you,
    The dark clouds , the stars, the moon, the wind, the empty roads, the silence ,everything in the universe , they whisper in my ears to love you no matter what just fall in love again and again,
    And I'm still falling in love with you every day and night losing my heart over that smile of yours again and again....!

  • deepak__ 7w

    This inevitable pain in my heart,
    Is tearing my soul apart,
    You promised to stay always,
    And now you left me on unknown ways,
    I'm clueless about what to do,
    To get back you,
    There is literally nothing I can do,
    Except waiting for you,
    Wish you just hold my hand once,
    And give me a chance,
    Trust me I'd show you a world adorned,
    with love and happiness..
    Even though you won't come back,
    I'll always wait through out my life,
    So I could proudly say I waited for my love...!