An anthophile with a tinge of poetry

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  • deepankranka 4w

    "Desert Roses"

    Pale crimson bells illuminated my cozy springtime dreams on a wintry Sunday noon. 

    Dressed in delicate hues those lazy desert entreats resembled an oasis of pungently sweet aromas in bloom. 

    My thoughts danced on their luscious pinks and strong edges of red enlivening the visions of beautiful days. 

    Those elegant desert roses flooded the empty spaces within me filling them with melodies as I painted them in my words..........

    ✍️ Deepank

  • deepankranka 11w

    "Frolicking Fairies"

    Fall had set in and the frost was still afar, 
    I went deeper and woods seemed intimidating & bizarre

    Dark ghosts reigned the sky with canopies held high, 
    And the ground was covered with rust, smut & leaves dry 

    In the territory of weeds, moss and mold, there grew a colony of toadstools, 
    Heads like caps, hairdos, and puffballs those seemed like zeppelins on tiny feets

    Little seasonal beings feasting on the chest of fallen ghosts, 
    Merrily they thrive, living fast & dying young, frolicking fairies in jungle nations

    ✍️ Deepank

  • deepankranka 13w

    From the depth of dark blue hues
    I heard the violet singing sweet like old;
    It was the reign of Jacarandas everywhere and
    I lost myself in the quaint castle with a sight to behold.

    ✍️ Deepank

  • deepankranka 14w

    "Crown of Thorns"

    Oblivious of the surrounding thorns and wilderness, "they" sprung from the bricks of the bygone house next door

    The spines pricking the deep blue sky, and delicate "them" crowning the heads of that shrub in the dry

    Though for them it was not easy to decide to bloom or not to as the world around them was indifferent and hostile, 

    Yet they contemplated and bloomed in subtle pink clusters on the perfect autumn afternoon just to lift the world out of the gloom

    ✍️ Deepank

  • deepankranka 17w

    "The Tryst"

    Away from the urban tumults, hills reverberated the ballad of winds, 

    White clouds shaded their lofty snow crowned peaks.

    A bunch of golden sunflowers shone in the sunlit fields, 

    As I ventured into the quaint little hamlet nestled in those hills.

    ✍️ Deepank

  • deepankranka 18w

    Queen of Liberty

    In the colony of blooms solitary she stood, 
    While the others swayed gently alike, she held herself stiff and upright. 
    Butterflies, bees and the dragonflies flocked in groups with no surprise,
    Humming their serenades of love in a melodic reprise. 
    Buds and blooms frolicked in fun,
    But distinct "She" stood as the solitary one.
    Soaking the sun unperturbed by winds,
    Alone she stood like a saint in the wood. 
    Her singularity and distinctness caught my eyes,
    And I proceeded to capture the solitary "her" in my visual archives. 
    Seeing her admirer & anticipating the tryst she flashed her vibrant hues in full glory,
    With ethereal beauty and a strong demeanour I saw in her the "Queen of Liberty".

    ✍️ Deepank