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  • deepanshi_nigam 2d


    Aaj karna chahte h hum izhaar,
    ki hume tumse ho gaya h pyar.
    Iqsh karne ki dedo ijazat,
    taki iss pagal dil ki mil jaae rahat.
    Mat karna hume apne aap se door,
    kyuki tumhara naam lene se aata h humare chehre pe noor.

    Tum toh jaise ban gaye ho humari adat.
    Har ek pal karte h hum tumari ibadat.
    Har labs me hota h tumara zikr
    kyuki karte h hum tumari fikr.

    Kehete h khuda ne har kisi k liye koi na koi chuna h,
    par humne apne iqsh ka dhaga khud hi buna h.
    Agar tumse iqsh karna h khata,
    toh dedo humko mout ki saza.

    Ek baat, jo ki h bohot zaruri....
    ki aisi konsi h woh majboori,
    jiski wajah se h ye duri.

    Ye baat jaante h sabhi,
    ki humari mohobbat me nahi h koi kami.

    Iss tarah na tadpaao.
    Dua karte h ki tum laut aao,
    aur wapas kabhi na jaao.


  • deepanshi_nigam 3d

    I think that my life gives me everything late but whatever it gives and whenever it gives, it is very orderly and like a smooth hierarchy. Every phase in my life gets better and better but also quite difficult. May be that's how my life is planned and I am happy about ��. Human beings are full of desires and expectations and even I possess this quality. Even I expect more than I get in every phase of my life. At times I calm myself down and tell myself that good things take time. No matter I haven't received some moments that I should have got at this age still I am happy. But no one understands that this calmness remains momentary��. After all I am not self-actualized and I am a common human. I do run purposefully after certain happiness that are obviously created for me but not for that moment. I am not an astrologer who knows that on this particular date I will receive this specific happiness. I am a human who see dreams and work towards fulfilling my dreams because it's my life and not a game. Why don't anyone understand. Even I wish. Even I dream. Even I pray for the moments that I want to spend in my life. Even I somehow put efforts to fulfill my little dreams. I would not have dreamt if I was unaware of it. But unfortunately I am well aware. This awareness pricks me hard. Being a single child my interaction was less with the children of my age as I was not having any brother and sister. This lead to self talk and ofcourse overthinking. Overthinking in a positive sense leads me to understand my life better which I meticulously take care of. But on the other hand, this overthinking hampers too. Yes, I think a lot. I don't know why am I sharing all this but it feels good. I don't want any specific person to read this still I am writing it as just writing a diary. �� #diary #thoughts #inspiration #nature #love #diary #thoughts #life

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    Glimpse of my life

  • deepanshi_nigam 1w

    First love

    It was during their school days, when he used to admire her beautiful face.

    They were in the same class, but a smile was only an expression that he could pass.

    Years and years went by, in front of her he used to feel shy.

    One day she will be his queen. This was his one and only dream.

    Time gradually flew, in the sky which was blue.

    Both of them turned seventeen. 
    And for the first time they sat together in their school canteen.

    From that day they started talking to each other and both of them spent their time together.

    He was already in love with her since childhood but never confessed.
    Without her presence he was dead.

    Now he could not wait because it was getting late.

    For a cup of coffee they went to CCD and there he sat in his one knee.

    Finally after several years he proposed by giving her a beautiful red rose.

    Did she accept or not he was to learn.

    Fortunately she accepted and this was the most precious gift he had earned.


  • deepanshi_nigam 1w

    Our love

    The morning is bright.
    I want you to be on my side.

    The sun will be shining,
    and we will be looking at it and smiling.

    Under the moon light there will be one but you and I…doing nothing just looking into each other’s eyes.

    When the time is not right, just hug me tight…
    I am sure the worries will be at a distance of infinite.

    In life no matter what the situation is,
    I will be always be there to take up the risk.

    I have nothing to fear because you are near.

    Our love will never rust, for which Cupid is the one on which we can trust.

    I will love you till the last breath.
    This is a pure bond of love which is like a strong thread.

    Sometimes when I am tired I think that where shall I rest, then a sudden flash comes in my mind and gives me the answer that its your chest.

    My search is over for I have found you. This miracle could also happen, I never knew.


  • deepanshi_nigam 1w

    Crying eyes

    My eyes have painful tears.
    Though many people are near,
    yet there are several fears.

    Each drop of tear that I shed have heavy weight.
    I am crying since that day till today’s date.
    Is this all written in my fate?

    My love for you is fair.
    You are the person for whom I really care.
    Ultimately all the sorrows I have to bear.

    There is a smile on my face, even if have a heavy heart.
    To hide the pain is not easy, it’s a tough art.
    I am totally broken and I don’t know from where to start.

    My soul is almost dead.
    All that is left is a worthless body with a fake smiling head.
    Life seems dark like a black lead.

    The wound of my heart is so much that there is a lot of pain even in a soft touch.
    I haven’t experienced a dreadful wound in my life as such.

  • deepanshi_nigam 1w

    Khas aapke liye

    Shukriya karna chahege hum uss khuda ko,
    Jisne aapko iss duniya me utara.

    Yu toh bohot mile iss mehefil me humko,
    lekin aap hi hai sabse  anokha sitara.

    Aap hamesha muskurate rahe,
    yahi h hamari dua.
    Jeeteji koi dard aap na sahe,
    khushnuma rahe aapki zindagi sada.

  • deepanshi_nigam 1w

    Kisse mohobbat kare? ❤

    Achhe logo se toh puri kaynaat mohobbat karti h. Asli mohobbat toh woh h jisme tum bure ya nikamme insaan se iqsh karo aur usko achha insaan bana do.

    Mohobbat usse karo jo tumse ladta ho aur fir pyar se manata ho ya tumare maafi maagne par maaf kar deta ho.

    Dooriya hone pe pyar ki geheraai ka ehsaas hota h. Jisse dur reh k bhi tum uspe yakeen kar lo.. usse mohobbat karo.

    Galat fehemiya hogi tum dono k beech. Bina breakup kiye jo tumko unn galat fehemiyo se dur karae.. usse mohobbat karo.

    Jo tumari galtiyo pe tumse naraz ho aur tumko daat kar samjhae.. usse mohobbat karo.

    Bas aise hi shaks se mohobbat karo aur toot k karo.

  • deepanshi_nigam 2w

    Stolen heart ♥

    It was that night,
    when I had fallen in love at first sight.
    I don’t know whether it was right or wrong,
    but you were my love song.
    I even don’t know what to say,
    but I was happy and gay.
    For one thing I was sure,
    that my first love was very pure.
    When your presence was not there, 
    trust me I really care.
    Without you my life was like a dark storm,
    but when you were with me the feel that I got was warm.
    When my tears and sad emotion were not under control,
    you were the only one to console.
    During those times when there were no colours in my life,
    you came up to me with a hopeful light.
    There was a wish which I wanted you to fulfill,
    that was nothing but to receive a first true love kiss.


  • deepanshi_nigam 2w

    I see a dream...

    I see a dream...
    that one day you and I will be together.
    The breez of love would touch our soul.
    The beauty of nature will be magnificent.

    I see a dream...
    that one day I will be in a white gown and you will be in a black suite.
    We will go for long walks holding each other's hands.
    The universe will bow infront of us for the appreciation of our love.

    I see a dream...
    that one day when we will be on our death bed then my head will be close to your chest.
    Our bond of love will be so strong and pure that the word will remember us among the list of lovers like Romeo and Juliet.

    This is what all I see in my dream.

  • deepanshi_nigam 2w

    Kaise iqsh me pade ho?
    Woh tumari khwaish h ya adat?
    Agar khwaish h toh sukun hoga.
    Adat h toh junun hoga.
    Mohabbat k nashe k liye sharab mat banana apni mohobbat ko aye Ghalib.
    Aise hi iqsh pee k dekho...uska bhi apna nasha hoga.