blooming musings in head, coming out in the form of poetry��

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  • deepesh_shukla 13h

    Able to subdue

    Lessons with time, tried hard to learn
    Attempt to drench parched realms
    Dying heartbeats made it crystal clear
    Incompetent sometimes turn our feeling in life
    Easy to relinquish though time runs a mile
    The moment is critical why it stayed inside
    Cascading fervid affection was hard to hide
    Infallible your words were above mine
    Pleasure and endearments still choose to die
    Couldn't able to subdue tantalizing sights
    Skin still shimmers love not vile
    Made the devil insane and Divine
    Caged in dark mind cause it was worthwhile

  • deepesh_shukla 1d


    Intriguing intense interest in idolism
    Among the vacuous pagans of immortality
    Who tried to solve it all by anguished sanctity
    Apathy became their heel of Achilles
    Always decrying against the different creatures
    The ones who weren't brutal and violent in nature
    But these heathens couldn't accept their reasons
    As they were not so docile towards fascination
    Always serving the reason wrecking mindless prison
    Not so sturdy on surface yet holding great vision
    Tapestry of magnanimity in their temple of allusion
    Explaining their altruistic journey of indecisions
    Scarred and bruised for the unworthy others
    Always floating aimlessly yet avoiding collisions

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    "They who rebelled against the obsecure demons always in a non violent manner, prevailing here today and always in nature" some insane imaginations

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    Tapestry of magnanimity


  • deepesh_shukla 1d

    A sanctimonious gift

    Slow paced walk, an approach towards home
    Path of sorrow along with revamping trees
    If only a choice was made to observe
    The collateral beauty over chaotic scenes
    Please don't ignore the need of appease
    Cataclysmic myths of strange prophecy
    Saying life is just "A sanctimonious gift"
    By the almighty who pretends to be generous
    That statement is nothing but our inability
    To perceive the cosmic paradigm of him/her
    The creators of the ends of the world
    Grant this opportunity to make us learn
    The harsh and sweet shades of life with love

  • deepesh_shukla 2d

    #elfchen @purple_river @writersnetwork @pankaj_rikhari
    A day for foolish elfchens ����

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    Worshipping wane
    Decency in head
    Bleeding spiritual musings of

  • deepesh_shukla 2d

    History in present

    No! Don't drink that!" Screamed the woman. But we both were too tired and thirsty to resist. She stared at the empty bottle and ran out.
    We looked at each other and realized there's something about to happen. It was quiet than suddenly I felt a warmth in atmosphere. Slowly our awareness dimmed and eyesight faded as we were feinting, unfortunately we weren't though. A slow sensation of falling from height into a deep void, virtual construction of my imagination but somehow it wasn't imagination after all.

    The place looked familiar, unaware I am lying on the floor! Oh yes it's my old home as I see how things are messed up while my dejected sister can't stop crying and wailing. Why cause parents never sorted their fights. I was five years old, told my sister it's gonna be good someday
    Scene changed and chronograph moved ahead, In the open fields of ancient dreams. Standing unkown in the middle, everyone stared as the bully beats me half to death while I managed to stand up again. They called us failures, the outlaws of mayhem.

    Here now in the gardens of paradise only for a season. Begged for forgiveness! Dear don't go just yet but maybe I was the culprit. She went on and never looked back and I stood still, felt the wave of unimaginable pain. Like an endlessly flowing river these past Images flowed without ends

    bereavement, joy, sorrow, rejoice and Carnage and rainbow of ecstasy after chaos
    Everything we once were playing back in unstoppable flashbacks like a hallucinations. Was it a magic potion, felt like just a moment but when we came back we were two hours late. A history in present
    The women who left came back and said "this is just a beginning"

  • deepesh_shukla 3d

    Echoes of serene

    Time flies and we all change
    Evolution of the cosmic state
    Broken intellectuals shunned and failed
    layers of clarity wraps around consciousness
    For they have seen the colours of distaste
    Locked in silence with no scent of air
    flair within dims for a brief moment
    No endings yet!! They still find themselves
    Out of misery carving flawless portraits
    Harsh ignorance by world they hardly care
    Sensing the echoes of serene in head
    Standing alone than walking in crowd of haze
    Reading books of dreams not regretting pain

  • deepesh_shukla 4d

    Tale of despair

    Silence!! Have you not heard
    Forbidden should remain our secrets
    Arcane codes and a life will be peaceful
    Although it burns the hatchet we close
    Curious crowd though won't be helpful to you
    Waiting to rejoice the moment you go sore
    Yet we wish to pour anguish somehow
    Very humane habit of trust
    Burning In pain we long for appeasing love
    Not the sensual one but more sensible one
    Often discouraging though for it is extinct
    Still rise my broken angel look within
    Birth place for bliss and graveyard for strains
    What no!! It ain't a tale of despair
    Instead a way out of the labyrinth

  • deepesh_shukla 4d


    Paint of musings dripping on paper
    Full of poison decaying journals
    Stifling head need space for solace
    Sympathy from the prison of haze
    Dazzling spark revealed obsecure embrace
    Made of smoke, thoughts they reign
    They ask what does it means.. poetry?
    A Spontaneous flow of unbridled emotions
    When buried flowers resurface on Earth
    Fuming illusional stories of self
    Demons that were supposed to be faced
    But murdered in an attempt to live
    Don't feel the same cold breeze
    That's okay!! maybe its just crazy me

  • deepesh_shukla 5d

    Mollifying hypocrite

    Hey!! I know you did it again
    Feigned to be in affection
    Supprised you actually cared
    Made a contact blamed the innocent
    Causing chaos inside heart
    Still it falled somehow from the start
    Indeed wisdom could have cleared the dark
    Should have Expressed the meaning of scars
    Fate not really, the moment was lost
    Promised to stay now you left like no one
    It's okay mollifying hypocrite
    These eyes still want to see you smile
    A treasure I always deprived
    Times are cold here don't be by my side
    Protect your life and we can say goodbye
    If thoughts change you know where I hide
    Come back any time

  • deepesh_shukla 5d

    A natural monument it was
    Carved by the almighty God
    Quenching the poverty of farmers
    Enriched by the Divine raindrops
    Each year used to aid the soul crops
    Overcast was its threshold of love
    The jewel of Blooming flowers and pristine leaves
    One dive and it soaks all your sorrows within
    Victim of humans. In ruins this place of dreams
    Polluted the deity of prosperity
    I wonder how can we be so obtuse
    End of days will be due to our misuse
    Refusal to undo the Carnage we bestow
    Saviour in parched days died itself of thirst

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @purple_river @pankaj_rikhari @i_write_nothing__ #raindrops
    Used to be prettier than this

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