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  • demi_god 2d

    Poisoned Antidote

    I would have moved the world for you
    I would have done unimaginable things
    You were the centre of my world
    And my days revolved around you
    I was the best thing that happened to you
    You'd never find another like me
    You lost your chance with me
    When I walked out of the door
    And when you shut me out
    That sealed it for me
    I am better off without you
    My life's more beautiful
    When its void of your rejections
    I've learned to love me more
    You were my never written song
    My never fulfilled dream
    My never inspiring muse
    My bittersweet memory
    My poisoned antidote
    My inner monster
    My unspoken rage

  • demi_god 3d

    Trojan Horse

    Tall walls I built round about me
    I barricaded every single inch of me
    All intent was to be invisible
    Not until you came along with goals
    Every damn thing I wanted was you
    Talk about someone of your dreams
    I was sleeping with the enemy
    You showed your intentions were pure
    Or so you guiled me into believing
    And I gradually let down my guard
    As you infiltrated my fortress slowly
    And broke down every last brick of me
    Now I am defenseless and vulnerable
    In that moment of weakness you struck
    Tearing down my walls and barricade
    Leaving my fragile being out in the dark
    A Trojan Horse you are, now I know
    Know thy enemy, the first rule of war
    I may have lost this little battle
    But this war, it's far from over!

  • demi_god 4w

    Catching Feelings

    I'm walking on eggshells
    I wear my heart on my sleeve
    Yes I gave you all of me
    I was happy because I had you
    You made me beautiful
    Or maybe it was my illusion
    I was a captive of your love
    Victim of Stockholm Syndrome
    I was an animal of feral instincts
    But no longer bound by your leash
    You were a poison I was addicted to
    I wanted you, though you were bad for me
    Getting away took me long enough
    I am better off without you
    And breaking off of you is my goal
    Leaving all that is you behind
    Or I'd simply bleed out while at it
    Losing little parts of my being
    That's the price I have to pay
    But my scroll and quill I'd always have
    With my sanity and peace of mind

  • demi_god 6w

    There's something about rejection and vulnerability. They are both separate yet intertwined. Not to be bearer of bad news, but they both lead to miserable end. When you make yourself vulnerable to someone, you give them the power to break you and trust them not to. And when they do break you, mostly by rejection, you spiral. It's no wonder why most people don't love too hard anymore, cos the most vulnerable in a duo gets hurt the most when things get awry. And the fear of rejection also make people cage their feelings and emotions. A defense mechanism it's called. What can I say, it's a tough world out there, with the seemingly weak ones getting crushed by the hour. So when you show your feelings and emotions, you're termed weak, not because you really are weak, but because we have some hurt people who hurt people. Talk about collateral damage. Sadly, you just bared yourself to the wrong individual. As a silver lining however, when you meet the right person, you would realize that your emotions are your strongest points and shouldn't be cramped. Let loose. Let Live.

  • demi_god 6w


    It feels like I am the victim of our love
    But in actual fact I am the demon here
    I am the villain of this epic story of ours
    I destroyed what we began to build
    I saw where we were headed
    To a point of lifetime commitment
    I got cold feet, I got scared
    Thinking of being tied to just you
    Made me want my freedom more
    I wasn't ready to commit just yet
    Sometimes I wonder if I ever will
    So to be rid of you, I began to hurt you
    I hurt you in several ways unimaginable
    I was cruel and cold, a beast full of hate
    You gave yourself to me and I used you
    It was convenient at the time
    I took your love for me for granted
    All of your efforts to make us work
    I thwarted without a flinch or remorse
    And those years of your life you gave to me
    All gone with the wind with nothing to show
    I always thought to myself endlessly
    When you're tired, you'd pack up and leave
    You left, a broken soul, imprisoned in love
    You were just another one of my convicts
    Whose crime was loving me truly

  • demi_god 9w


    The smile you wear, is that really you? Or is that just another one of your costumes ? Who lies behind all that sweetness you portray? Is there a monster lurking within you? Who do you truly see when you look into a mirror? What fuels all that rage that you give when you'd rather be nice? Why do you give love for hate? Why do you push people away? Who are you deep down. What is your identity? Are you the person the world sees? Or is there different person in your mind. Do you put on a face for each day? Or are you as real as they come? Identity sometimes can be nothing short of a costume

  • demi_god 9w

    I'm a crime waiting to happen


  • demi_god 11w

    When and how do you know that you can't take it anymore?

    When nothing they do surprises you anymore.

  • demi_god 13w

    Why does choosing oneself have to be so damn fucking hard?!

  • demi_god 13w


    I've known what it feels like to live in someone else' shadow.
    I've gotten so used to "hand me downs", that new things feels wrong.
    I've felt the painful pangs of hunger that eating seemed like luxury.
    I've felt pure terror, I shuddered at every sound.
    I've felt guilt so heavy, I beat myself up everyday.
    I've been hurt so bad, my default emotion is now numb.
    I've got dreams and desires that might never come to realisation.
    I've got secrets and demons so dark, I'm scared to even think about them.
    I've got a story to tell, but no one will ever understand the plot.
    I've got words I wanted to say, but they died right there on my larynx.
    I've had to give a motivational speech when I'm all broken deep down.
    I've had to smile and say " I'm fine" when all I wanted to do was break down and cry.
    I've lost all I worked for in an instant and had to encourage others for me.
    I've had to suck up pain and put on a brave face just so I don't seem weak.
    I've had to hold my shit together when everything was in total chaos and shambles.
    I've had to keep quiet and listen when I would have loved to be heard.
    I've been longing to become invisible when I actually wanted to be seen.
    I've had to be everybody's version of me when all I wanted was just to be Me.