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  • derahanie 13w

    The Father's love

    ......He just had one request.which was that I love him in return.

    Buried myself in inumerous activities,I slammed the doors of my heart.
    But in solitude,I found intimacy convening with him.
    Whispering sweet words to my soul,I fought to resist his influence and dominance .
    Defiling each and every of his orders until I couldn't feel his presence anymore.

    The Infinite,watching from above wept for the one whom he loved''Humanity''.
    The one,whom he adored so much as to sacrifice his only child for
    All he just wanted was for that same love to be reciprocated to him.
    On attaining the freedom I desire, I gloated at the prospect of freedom.

    Life's nothing but a voyage,and i discarded my compass
    Each day brought nothing but misery,disappointment and pain,
    I strutted and wandered like a vagabond having no sense of belonging
    Depression crept into my mind and had begun to eat up my soul.

    Broken,battered I went in search of him,the only one capable of true love
    I didn't have to search long,he was exactly where i left him
    His love unwavering and unconditonal as pulled me into his bosom
    Eulogized as king,peace and euphoria he offered me.

  • derahanie 14w

    Love in it's purest form
    The love of the father


  • derahanie 14w

    I lay there with hope that one day he'll see me...
    But I don't think its gonna happen..
    Coz he only sees himself


  • derahanie 15w


    I am tired of pretending,tired of trying to be perfect,tired of having to prove self worth and competence to some overly rated males,who have exalted themselves above others,those whose ultimate will prevail in every circumstance.I'm tired of giving credit for something I did to an individual who is so insecured about his Ego and feels the need to exert male dominance to have his will regin supreme.
    I'm tired of being subdued,silenced and having to have my opinions confined to the walls of writing and fiction.I'm tired of the class of males the society breeds and I weep in my heart seeing how these males have been raised to masculine their emotions and how they think so lowly of women.They are a product of what the society has made them to be and in turn they haunt us.
    Well...if you feel the same way I do,then I need to hear your thoughts,bring that inner voice to light and mask it with courage,boldness and authority.


  • derahanie 15w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short write-up on Silently

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    Intimacy in solitude


  • derahanie 15w


    Here's to fairytale.
    Lost, confused, totally disorganized and out of place.
    In a strange world, Tryna find my own space.
    But there he was,my prince charming alleviating my wails.

    He was the answer to an unwritten wish list.
    A fulfilment of all I've ever dreamed and wished for.
    More,More,More... was what my heart yearned for.
    Dissatisfied,I created a lacuna in our union and plunged my heart into delusion.

    Humans are insatiable, and so was my heart.
    It kept craving for that which was unattainable.
    And there I was, frightened by the phantasm of my making.
    Knowing that the thirst of my soul is unquenchable.

    Dera Hanie ❤