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  • detour 5h

    Kamyaabi bhi shayad ek zaroorat hai
    Zamana akhir khairiyat kam aur haisiyat zyada puchta hai

  • detour 1d

    Self love

    Easy it was to fall in love
    But in that mist
    Did you lose yourself

    And now that
    You wanna return
    To your psyche own

    Them you have to lose
    And fall in love again

    But this time
    With your self own

  • detour 4d


    Why are we racing
    Without knowing
    Where to go
    Where to end
    Amidst all the rush
    While fought we for everything
    Never did we realize
    Left us we have
    Somewhere far behind
    After each dusk
    When you return
    I wonder
    If you are still you
    And at each dawn
    Waking up to bygone
    Realise I daily
    No more I am still me
    I want us to stop
    I want us to breathe
    For once
    Let's turn around
    To see
    Together if we still are
    To feel
    The old love we had
    And to know
    This path we are treading on
    To walk hand in hand
    It had meant
    Of running instead
    Let's meet
    At some point same
    And to this fading bond
    If we can give a new name

  • detour 1w

    After the day so long
    And rushing past the throng
    After I heal from the cacophony
    And Dealing with the monotony

    Return when I to my room dark
    With the corners so silent
    Awaiting as if
    For some emotional torment
    The walls here
    Seem to closing me in
    And those unfinished reveries
    Vanish into the air thin

    Scared sometimes I am
    To come back to my self own
    My psyche everyday
    By the gloom where gets blown
    Walk I miles millions
    For my slumber to get some dreams
    Away from this chaos
    In some space blank
    Build if I can my peaceful realm

  • detour 1w

    A sweet promise

    In good times
    You might be surrounded by people many
    But in the lonely days
    While battling with your dejections
    I will be there
    In the daylight
    Might you have to fake stories so happy
    But in the dark
    To listen to your notions true
    I will be there
    In the hours of rush
    Racing you might be to be the first
    But in the nights
    To make you escape into the moments sweet
    I will be there
    Amidst the cacophony
    Screaming you might be to speak your thoughts
    But in the silence
    To recite your untold tales million
    I will be there
    To share with you
    To care for you
    To complete you
    To stop with you
    Or to walk miles with you
    When in nothingness
    Or in forlornness
    Never leaving your side
    For you only
    I will always be there

  • detour 2w

    The night

    The nights in this city
    Is one of a kind

    Far away from the rush and the throng

    While I walk down the streets
    So narrow
    So empty
    So silent
    And so serene
    Under the cold moonlit sky

    Here I find
    No psyches to judge me
    No eyes to stare at me
    No hearts to love or hate me

    All around
    It's just me
    And unheard tales of my yore
    Unfolding emotions million
    Hid I had in my core

    Keep I going back to these lone streets
    Every single night
    Turning left and then right
    My reveries all
    In some dark corners I keep
    The nights in this city
    Gives countless dreams to reap

  • detour 2w

    Let it go

    Whatever stops you from leaving them
    Let it go
    Whatever keeps you stuck in one place
    Let it go
    Whatever takes you back to your past
    Let it go
    Whatever makes your heart cold
    Let it go
    Whatever keeps you awake till dawn
    Let it go
    Whatever disillusions your voids saved
    Let it go
    Need we to move on
    Instead of holding on
    To the same old forgotten song
    Or to some old tale so long
    Verses unheard will begin to rhyme
    And come will that time
    Serenity when will leave it's trace
    Happiness will get a face
    And broken pieces of life
    Will fall back in place

  • detour 3w

    Seamless seemed that love
    When my heart did fall for you
    Little did I know but
    Nights so cold it had meant
    And held a box of nightmares true

  • detour 3w

    A step away

    It seems always like
    So close we are to everything
    And a step away from all those things
    Just one step away from love so true
    Or a step away from a bond so new
    One step away from reaching the end
    And a step away from walking that unknown bend
    One step away from reveries to get real
    And a step away from escaping emotions surreal
    Just one step away we are
    From the stuff that's right
    And are close too much
    To the stars shining so bright

  • detour 3w


    Some nights seem so long
    Reciting fables untold
    And some unheard song
    Notions in the gloom gets to freeze
    Heart gets cold in the midnight breeze
    In some corner of my voids
    Searches my mind for light
    A piece of peace if I can get
    From illusions, visions or an unknown sight
    For these nights to get over
    Reveries million I reap
    Escaping the corners dark
    Till dawn if I can sleep