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  • dev001_writes 13w

    The day I was born,
    Was the day I died.
    In the planet full of misdeeds,
    There was no-one to guide.

    With a lot of ebb and flow,
    I'm close to win again.
    World has been so cruel,
    Suffering with a heart strain.

    Life's doing good to people,
    Not just to earn.
    Believe me boy,
    One day it'll all return.

    World needs an update,
    For a better place to be in.
    I need to change myself,
    From the soul within.

    Struggling every now and then,
    I'm up for the game.
    Satisfaction is enough,
    Not everyone needs fame.

    I'll never still stop,
    Even if it means to cry.
    For I know the meaning,
    Life is to die.

    ©dev001_writes ✒ | Oct 19, 2020

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    Life is to die

  • dev001_writes 13w

    Is it that easy,
    To forget that night.
    Where you and me together,
    Cuddled with a lovebite.

    My fingers grasping yours,
    Like a jigsaw puzzle.
    And together deity said,
    We make the best couple.

    Your hands went down,
    Wrinkled the bed sheet.
    You'll be mine forever,
    When the day and night meet.

    It's still midnight,
    Outside it's hazy.
    With all you've got,
    You're driving me crazy.

    Stars enhanced your allure,
    With the moon on stand-by.
    I promise you baby,
    I'll never let you cry.

    Your lips were so lofty,
    Like they'd wholly own mine.
    I'd stay with you up,
    Till the next sunshine.

    ©dev001_writes | Oct 18, 2020

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    Midnight Cuddles

  • dev001_writes 14w

    In not much time,
    She became my soul.
    She established undoubtedly,
    A complete control.

    Everything was new,
    From the rose to the locket.
    Without noticing her plans,
    She made me her puppet.

    Days were passing by,
    In her arms all day.
    Wish she had lived,
    Without shattering away.

    But, I cried all night,
    For the the fairy that was robbed.
    Seeing her with him,
    My heart hella throbbed.

    I was completely broken,
    with insufferable pain.
    Hiding those tears,
    I was crying in the rain.

    Diving deep in my soul,
    Where all the galaxies meet.
    I still sometimes ask myself,
    Why did she cheat?

    ©dev001_writes | Oct 17, 2020

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    The Hoax Tale

  • dev001_writes 14w

    Life is the most precious gift that you've got. Don't waste it. The most unfortunate thing is that, you won't even have a chance to regret upon it's worth. It's just a matter of seconds you'll go on to a switch off mode forever, unknowingly. All your dreams, desires and goals will end up in one go as the hourglass sand moves. That's all it takes. Still the materialistic world attracts most of the people, we're sentient beings and it's natural.

    Well, with a psychological approach, knowing the purpose of life matters at this moment of time. Every human being is special, for a specific purpose. It's just that we get diverted over time. There's nothing in this world you can't achieve. You gotta choose for yourself. Living a life with a clear vision towards what you want to achieve or a clueless life like someone lost at sea. Your bold decisions and brave deeds will lead you to your success story.

    People always want to hear that buzzing in their ears, “well played”. But oopsies, that's the rarest case. Most of the time you'll get naysayers. And you know what, that's your real rivalry, the time to test your strength and capabilities. Even if you'll fail, you'll get up stronger next time. Believe this, no one makes you stronger than your foe. So it's upon your vision towards how you want to be in this merciless world, with a ‘well played’ or a ‘it can't be done’?

    Drop your answer in the comment box.
    ©dev001_writes | Oct 15, 2020

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    Life's A Game: “Better Well Played”

  • dev001_writes 17w

    I'm waiting for the sunrise,
    It's still midnight.
    My brain's almost dead,
    Heart's willing to hold you tight.

    Caught up in this world,
    I was always so alone.
    Our friendship is something,
    I'll never disown.

    I'm walking on the stars,
    Ain't afraid of the height.
    The day you met me,
    Felt as high as a kite.

    The day's quite special,
    You're almost a teen.
    My Corona's ending soon,
    You're substituted vaccine.

    I still recall the days,
    We used to talk a lot.
    Down the memory Lane,
    You're the best that I've got.

    I wish you all the best,
    For your future that's so bright.
    Don't eat the cake alone,
    Lemme have a small bite!

    ©dev001_writes | Oct 15, 2020

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    Indelible Memories

  • dev001_writes 17w

    Uhm, I know
    I can do it as a whole.
    But there's something that still keeps me away from listening to my soul.

    Penning down thoughts
    is always a relieve,
    And being a beginner
    it shook my belief.

    Lemme be honest,
    there's a lot in my mind.
    Clinging to her memories,
    it all intertwined.

    But somehow I knew,
    I'd have a great start.
    Give me some more time,
    I'll be back with my art.

    ©dev001_writes | Oct 15, 2020

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    “The Novice Writer”