Hope is a dangerous thing.

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  • dev_hopelessromantic 4w


    Agar me sitara hota,
    Toh Bhuj gaya hota.
    Yeh toh dhool hai,
    Jo udd rahi hai.

    Kya gunhaah khatam nhi
    Hue mere?
    Ab Yeh rooh h meri
    Jo jal rahi hai.

    Bata do har kisi ko
    Hum ab shadaab nahi,
    Aainaa dikha do hume bhi
    Hum bhi koi khawab toh nahi ?


  • dev_hopelessromantic 5w


    "Hey honey, can u pls pass me that soil bag" he shouted in excitement, after so long, he got a chance to garden.
    "My Nails ???" She said childishly.

    "Your excuses!!!!" 'Sigh'
    He went to take that bag himself.

    'kisses kisses kisses nd kisses'
    She planted so many kisses on his cheeks
    Suddenly from behind, they both fall on that bag.

    She: " I seeded my flower" looking into his eyes, she smiled wickedly.
    "Water it too" he winked

    (Bathroom door shuts with a bang,
    Gardening excused one more time)


  • dev_hopelessromantic 6w


    The stars have travelled light years, to give you their shine.
    I don't take that for granted.

  • dev_hopelessromantic 6w

    Do puddles ever miss the comfort of clouds?
    Or do they appreciate chance to be rain?


  • dev_hopelessromantic 6w

    I don't believe
    souls are given,
    they are created
    The kindest people,
    I have known are simply products of their story.

  • dev_hopelessromantic 8w


    My hope is like rain
    It refreshes, it drowns.

  • dev_hopelessromantic 8w

    Love that hurts

    If you are on
    Be aware.
    It's your life,
    How much you can spare.


  • dev_hopelessromantic 9w

    After, Patchup.

    So, Have you bacome a better person, now ?
    They asked him
    "I was already a better one, it's just a matter
    You should not compare the person who is with you in a relationship to that guy, who is trying to impress you,
    He who is trying to deceitfully make you theirs,
    being nice and lovely all the time.
    Your lover is being himself,
    He is not afraid to loose you,
    You love him,
    He can die for you,
    he is in your heart,
    How you heart beats
    Is how he treats,
    No one will love you more than your lover,

    "Man, you need to b understand"
    They said.
    "Let me do it first"
    He laughed.

  • dev_hopelessromantic 9w

    A wish

    I wish, I could make you my pillow,
    Hold you between my legs
    Nd sleep....!!!

    I wish, I have you
    In my shower,
    Playing with bubbles
    On your skin...!!!

    Trespassing your eyes,
    I reach that shivering soul,
    Under the tap
    You shimmer as I watch,

    I wish, I could have you
    As my bed sheet,
    Clean comfort
    Taking me to dreams...!!!


  • dev_hopelessromantic 9w

    Colour my life
    With the chaos of trouble...!!!