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  • devanshikatoch4 16w


    I don't want to live without you

  • devanshikatoch4 16w

    A dream of a girl which will never be completed.

    Papa, I don't want to do household works
    I want to become a boxer.
    I swear, I'll work hard for it
    And I'll never need a doctor.

    If you can allow my brother,
    Why not me.
    I'll earn money not only for me,
    But also for we.

    Papa you just think
    If Kalpana hadn't done Kalpana of steeping on moon,
    Then could anybody step on moon in moonsoon.

    If Rani Lakshmi accepted to be Sati,
    Then can anybody know her as "The Rebel of Marathi".

    If Sania Nehwal's father had told her to be a enginner,
    Could she get the player of the year.

    If Sania Mirza's father took her as a family error,
    Could she won six Grand Slam Titles in her carrer.

    If Mary Komb becomed a Doctor.
    Could anybody know her like a boxer.

    Ok ok beta just break these chains,
    And flew over the large plains.

    Devanshi Katoch

  • devanshikatoch4 16w

    Thought of a daughter

    Why are you so lost?
    Is everything all right with you?

    I am so worried to see these marks on your face.
    Do these marks has been seen by my papa too?

    This silence of yours will kill me someday
    Why you are silent say something to me.

    I am your daughter, I want to know
    You are not only hiding it to me, you are hiding to we.

    This potion of life can take you anywhere,
    But be careful

    Sailing the cosmos alone
    Can get so fearful.

    Just say once who is he,
    I'll take the revenge of your marks.

    Do you think,
    I neither have the capability nor the sparkes.

    Mumma say something or give a sign
    Is your gesture pointing to my father?

    If it is true, I'll make him retribution
    If it is true, I'll make his days also darker.

    I promise I'll give his gifts (marks) back with interest
    But for it you should say

    Your daughter is ready to fight for you
    But for that you has to betray.

    Devanshi Katoch

  • devanshikatoch4 16w

    By unknown writer

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    Dear spouse

    Why you are dressed in this white saree?
    Am I not alive in your heart?

    Why you haven't wear the vermilion?
    Is the world saying true, that we are apart?

    Where is your that red saree?
    Which you had wear in our marriage.

    Will you never wear it again?
    Is it, now just a carriage.

    I know you can't hear me,
    But surely can fell my presence.

    I want to tell you, I am ok here,
    There is no need of you to pessence.

    You know what, I am in heaven,
    And I am with god, we both are writing a new page of your story.

    I know, the society is teasing you,
    But their chit-chat should not affect your glory.

    Please inhabit your life with any body else,
    So that, I can see you happy one more time.

    Wear that bindi, which is loudly asking you to wear it again.
    For me, it is neither a shame nor a crime.

    These rituals of society are so confusable.
    If you had died, you had been grooming like a bride.

    And now, if you are alive,
    The society is day by day enforcing you to be died.

    Why you are dressed in this white saree?
    Am I not alive in your heart?

    Why you haven't wear the vermilion?
    Is the society saying true that we are apart?
    Devanshi Katoch

  • devanshikatoch4 16w


    There is no one imperfect in this world because the word imperfect itself says that" I m perfect".

  • devanshikatoch4 17w

    Janti hu

    Tuje mera gussa psnd nhi
    Mera rona tuje gwara nhi
    Mera kisi aur se bt krna tuje jlata nhi
    Mujse zyada tuje koi pyara nhi

    Ab ma bhi kehdo ki
    Tere liye ma puri duniya se ldne ko teyar hu
    Bs unse nhi jinhone muje es ldai ke kabil bnaya ha

  • devanshikatoch4 17w


    Yrrr koi to use bta do ki pyaar dimag se nhi dil se hota ha...

  • devanshikatoch4 18w

    If you relate with it just like

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    Silence is also a very serious conversation between two love birds

  • devanshikatoch4 18w


    I thought you were my biggest mistake
    But no I was wrong
    You are my biggest lesson.

  • devanshikatoch4 18w


    Live life as it will end after a second