A girl of Attitude and Simplicity

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  • dhakshu_vid 12w

    Spending the last hour of your daughter's birthday by contemplating and writing about her and hoping that ,on one day she would read it and realize that her mom is something more than she had just thought.

  • dhakshu_vid 12w

    So, whenever i get restrained from doing things ,that i really wanted to do , by my parents or whatever it might be, to the moment ....i just close my eyes and say to myself "it's ok , the day when i die i'm gone ah fly out of my body and do those things" ,damn !whose gone ah restraint me then!.

  • dhakshu_vid 18w

    When are you strong?

    When you're able to gain a single positive thought against a thousands of criticisms, then you are more stronger than you think!

  • dhakshu_vid 19w

    Read your own chapters so that, you dont repeat the same mishap again.

  • dhakshu_vid 20w


    His temporary presence, etched his name in me in a way ,that i find it difficult to erase it in his permanent absence!.

  • dhakshu_vid 20w

    Intense lies!

    On one day ,it all became so heavy
    That ,it all (the lies)started to vapourize and mix with the air.
    And then ,the air got so polluted that people started to have asphyxia.
    And with more and more added to it ,the world got so searing that at one point ,the world could not bear out from it ,got suddenly burning with violent flames burning each and every lies that was lied so easily and causing an easy death to the entire world.
    And then ,after sometime a beautiful drizzle followed by a heavy rain gave another chance to the entire world for rebirth saying "it's the last chance" offered by the deity.

  • dhakshu_vid 20w

    Indebted to them!

    I think that there are two teachers in everyone's life.....................
    The first one is our ' teachers ' who guides us through instilling knowledge, in a way to be successful in our career that is to be benefitted in the future.
    The second one is our 'experiences' that guides us to weather through all sorts of embattlements that comes in the way of our life.

    We are all indebted to them in such a way that however we try to pay off their debts it is never going to end infinitely.

  • dhakshu_vid 20w

    Beguiles are predators!

    Beguiles feed on innocents through their deceptive nets and ,they never show empathy for naives. But ,
    In contrary, naives are the ones ,so stupid to give empathy and become preys for them, thinking that good beguiles do exist .

    "Naives should wake up to the beguiling predators."

  • dhakshu_vid 20w

    Doubt and truth are pals!

    'Doubt' is a friend of 'truth', and so when a stranger like a 'lie' comes in contact, it takes its action.

  • dhakshu_vid 21w

    Inanimates are part of animates!

    They poured some water:
    It gave life to a seed and then a plant and then a tree
    and it goes on to give shelter and food to many
    animates and it will.......
    They gathered some materials:
    Made of iron , steel, stones..etc., and all put together .
    gave different forms to an inanimate object called
    buildings which gave shelter to many animates.
    They made some toys:
    Which gave adorable happiness to those little animates.
    They made some machines:
    Which made animates life easier and comfortable just
    by passing tiny animates called electrons through
    those inanimates giving life and purpose to them.and...
    Whatelse.............they made everything through these inanimates
    And finally ...

    They made many covers:
    Which is protecting and will protect as many as people against some invisible animates.