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  • dharini_14 16w


    It is numb, but bends to give shadow
    It grows in a mound, with no marrow
    It sways and hides its envy
    It is beautiful sapling that never grow abruptly

    Our relation is intertwined
    Its' sheer presence make us miliewed
    Between the terrified huddles
    It protects the solid boulders

    Let us seek on times of turbulence
    Let ourself feel bashful
    To do suck a thing cruel
    By chopping it and testing its patience

    In our dialect
    Let is understand the topic succumb
    Let our heart be raced
    And legs be trembled
    Let us find healing for this blasphemy!

  • dharini_14 16w

    Winters are one of the best seasons, aren't they?
    Which is your fav?

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    Magnolia when ravish,
    Et the poet can't prescribe
    The jovial winter's wine.
    The novelists failed to write,
    The diarists made it undescribed
    As 'tis a spell bound weather,
    Where lousy cold has also love.
    The breeze when swish,
    The tot can also feel
    The upbeat of cold lavished.
    When mallard too chirp,
    In the glossy of winter
    Why we humans don't mammon
    This lovely cold season...
    The writers who are polygot
    Can also never describe
    As, this winter is like loveshine.
    Why ye sink in blanket
    And don't feel this cold
    Thou ignorance is pretty dreadful
    As this cold is truly beautiful
    Tis winter whuch engross us
    And we feel so luxuriate

  • dharini_14 16w

    Girl you need to know!!

    So when "commited" girls promptly say "I am damn lucky to have him... After all what's a queen without a king!!?"
    I confidently reply, "STILL A QUEEN"

    Girl, dont be a pearl princess wishing to be tempered...
    Be a bold queen deserving to be hailed

  • dharini_14 16w


    Water flowed and bells rang,
    The flying nightingale sang
    The love of true delight
    Which I found in hug of mother tight

    The blowing breeze failed
    To define the peace which sailed
    That eternal peace I found in you
    When dropped from eyes that dew

    Defination of love is given
    When in her womb my heartbeat was weaven
    Though at night owls can't see
    But mother owl can see her child on tree

    Words and time can't describe
    As mother has replaced God's tribe
    Beauty of seven wonders of the world
    "MOTHER" summation in a word❤

  • dharini_14 16w

    Time please

    I wish I could freeze this moment when in the bitter colds sweet winters I cherish with my friend walking all the way around a lake noticing people and endless gossips...
    I wish I could freeze the moment of 5th Feb, our last day in school celebrating signature day... signing not only on tshirts but also signing off the place whose only memories are left with us...

  • dharini_14 16w