let the world to hear your roar

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  • dharshanbalu24 1w


    We won't care about something with us for 24/7.until it vanishes one day.
    so tries to cherish it while it exists.

  • dharshanbalu24 5w

    My everything:

    My worst day turned into elite with you
    My nicest day turned into worst without you

  • dharshanbalu24 7w


  • dharshanbalu24 8w

    That's life

    Turning to our past every moment wants us to live there at least for a day once again but what shall we do we need to explore a new part of life to crave in future.

  • dharshanbalu24 8w

    # Susan& Caspian
    # fantasy world

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    I knew it from the moment I met you.
    I can't share my life with you.
    yet, I fell in love with you.
    What shall I do? My heart never learned.
    To pretend like my brain. That's why
    It deeply aches now.

  • dharshanbalu24 10w

    Is it love?

    I looked like a hazard to everyone eyes.but,
    You had a dare to blossom in my drought heart.
    How did you even make it possible? oh, oh
    My little dumbest brain.....is it love?

  • dharshanbalu24 10w


    I thought myself, As
    I was an unlucky soul.
    But, After you came in
    My nasty life, I felt like
    God blessed for my
    Prolonged waiting.....

  • dharshanbalu24 13w

    Dear love; let's breakup

    B: Dear, I will hold you tightly forever. Be mine.

    G: I am always yours forever .

    B: we are made for each other.


    G: we aren't made for each other.

    B: what happens I am always by your side remember.

    G: That's the reason you are holding me too tight can't you see that.

  • dharshanbalu24 13w

    Fake people:

    Let them in after all you have a lot of pages to complete your tragedy story.

  • dharshanbalu24 13w


    She scolds for everything.
    She judges your friend.
    She makes you irritate.
    She advises for a silly thing.
    She shows her tough side.
    She gets angry with you.
    She beats in front of others.
    She criticizes your action.
    She makes you feel mad.
    She compares you with other.
    She never let others do anything that she does.
    She will protect you until her eternity.

    (That's why she is special for you forever)