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  • diabu3hen 9w

    Freaks of soul

    Hey my white_headed,
    What love do you nutter of?
    Is it that which one and all afloat practices?
    I find it so grubby, it seems despicable.
    Desist from such applesauce deeming.
    Peeps may have got rational relish of bodies.
    But the freaks of soul are yet aberrant.

  • diabu3hen 11w


    We fall in love by will
    We fall out of love by choice
    We took chances Nd we wette
    we made mistakes
    And eventually grew apart
    Hearts full of compunction
    But confronted not
    I heard she said
    Come back please
    But come not
    The fair in her voice
    Mingled with cries
    We fall in love by will
    We fall out of love by choice

  • diabu3hen 11w


    Would that I knew your secrecy a little earlier
    I would have not been a waste in the path of love.

  • diabu3hen 11w


    Life after you, I thought would be easy
    How would have I known even death won't come to me?

  • diabu3hen 11w


    She looked backwards,love she too had
    With world like me, complaint she too had
    She wept on seeing me doleful
    On that day I got aware,my need she too had

  • diabu3hen 11w

    Three questions

    Some one asked me,
    'What love took from you?'
    I replied,
    'My selfish self'.
    I never gave.
    But now my heart has melted and I have become generous and a giver in the path of love.

    'What have you become in love?'
    I replied,
    'A slave of beloved'.
    I was free to do anything.
    But now my every sin is counted as every evil step I put separates me from beloved.

    'What have you found in love?'
    I replied,
    'A treasure of tears whose every falling drop purifies your soul,heart and body'.
    I never wept before.
    But now these tears wipe me off the sins that I committed before days of love.

  • diabu3hen 11w


    Most beautiful thing in life is achieved by chance. So when you achieve it never let it go for chances are not rampant and recurrent.

  • diabu3hen 12w

    I can't alone change my village but I ll cast such a sound which will create many echoes and the echoes will be required elements to change my village.

  • diabu3hen 12w

    It is obvious.
    They desire to be loved
    And not to love.
    They come with intent of loving
    And settle as a be-loved

  • diabu3hen 12w

    Not me

    Everyone will be here but I ll not be
    My absence ll not reduce number of people surrounding thee
    A lot lovers,indeed,ll get thee
    Like me thee ll also get but they ll not be me.