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  • dibya1 12w

    Out of the chaos in seclusion
    In a full moon night beside a river
    I seek solace in the beauty of nature.
    The surrounding near
    Is inaction and still
    It makes me feel
    The sound sleep of a child
    Beside its mother's warm presence
    That nourishes life and keeps mind fresh


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  • dibya1 13w

    In an unbroken expanse of sand, where the sun rises to scorch and sets to freeze, those survive who trust the map. Others who trust mirage, dies. Similarly, those who embrace hardship resorts to prominence and who chooses distraction ends up in ruin. #desert

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  • dibya1 13w

    The small entrance brought him down the memory lane. Much the way they used to sneak a peek of the outskirts through the school's small gate at tiffin he gazed through it and there was the most beautiful sight! He found the mesmerizing, sunbathed mountains adorning the spectacle with their peaks topped with ice. They resembled those of ice creams whose eaten heads carry the spirit of a satisfied taster. #View

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  • dibya1 13w

    Finally he resigned and released himself of his tiresome job. He responded to his irresistible desire by choosing to spend his rest of the life as a school master in hills and a passionate man emerged out of the chrysalis of a overburdened,grim person.

  • dibya1 14w


    When tough time comes see at the ripples. They never fail to rise after a fall.

  • dibya1 14w

    We are all pawns in this big game called relationship

  • dibya1 14w

    Those who enjoy the roller coaster ride of life and live straight survive. But those who underestimate its challenges slips only to be entangled in uncertainty and are seen no more.

  • dibya1 15w

    Game of thrones part-1 of season 8 by me( Inspired from the original one)


    While Jon Snow kept waring his soldiers 'our enemy does not tire, they do not stop' finally the dire warning of Ned Stark came true as the army of the dead succeeded to breach the wall of the north.The battle against the dead began with the red woman lighting the sword of every soldiers as fire and dragonglass could only destroy their enemies. However, no sooner had the battle been started, all realised that it is impossible to win the war except some trick as they found the knight king converting each of the killed northmen to soldiers of his side by some magical powers. But thanks to Brandon Stark who triggered the idea of luring the Knight king. He also shared the fact that his death would destroy the dead army as their lives are controlled by that of their Knight King. The plan worked. Arya Stark killed the Knight king and all of his army immediately lost their lives. The victory of the livings came at the expense of Jorah Mormot, Theon the Gregory and many more who fought selflessly and valiantly in the battle. But it was not the end as the final battle was yet to begin. After the win over the dead came the revelation from Bran that Jon Snow was the true heir of the iron throne. This made Daneryes no happy for her lover Jon as it only meant demolition of her vision to rule. Indeed Varyes rightly pointed out "nothing lasts". Even in the success celebration where Jon was hailed and patronised, Arya raised as hero, the queen kept missing. It only indicated that the queen who survived the fire multiple times was entangled in a delusion of insecurity and jealousy only to sink deeper into fear of loss. Meanwhile Sansa Stark's experience, time with Lord Baelish and Ramsay Bolton also processed her as a lady who demanded throne by virtue of wisdom, courage and leadership that she gathered over these years. These all signalled that Daneryes's path to throne was not free of obstacles.


     Involvemt with the Dothrakis from her teens, instilled in Danyeres a passion for war and win. It made her too ruthless to be in rest and the thought that she had the birthright to claim the throne seemed to haunt her every time.  She was ambitious and at the same time addicted to war. Also the two full grown dragons and a loyal pack of dothraki soldiers made her unstoppable and undefeatable. So Cersi's claim of not to give up the iron throne only happened to act as fuel to her ferocity. She grew firm to assault the south which only meant death of numerous innocent lives. However initially when she gave a piece of her mind to her two hands Vareys  and Tyrion the two began to deny the idea of attack. But the hell-bent queen did not listen and even warned death sentence to Varyes had he caught conspiring in her back.

    An experienced Varyes who served many king knew what such an assault would result in. He was himself a victim of war and saw houses burning, children butchered, carcasses lying here and there; women gangraped and murdered, drains overflowing with bloods as war broke out. Also on that very day he promised to himself only to work to assure welfare of subjects. So while listening to the queen he only gave occasionally a stern look to her, the result of which only Tyrion could guess.


    Soon after the war was over Jaime began to think what will be the next for him. His golden days were done. He also felt himself as useless as a strand of fallen hair to Cersi, to fulfill the wishes of whom once he left no stones unturned. But the fact that his own south was threatened by foreign invasion boiled his blood. In his experience as a valiant knight, he knew the costs of war. He could remember the hapless, helpless innocent lives running desperately for shelters, only to be slaughtered later. Now in the growing aggression, rage and ambition of Danyeres he could see the same destructive spirit that he once saw in eyes of his father. History was possibly going to repeat itself and the prospect of the two dragons only made it worse. In the midst of such unfinished thoughts Jaime heard a knock on his door and Varyes arrived.

    "Ser Jaime I have something to inform you."

    "Do not hesitate".

     "You know very well that I always served the interest of common men and now they are under threat." He added" the queen had turned mad.. "And she is least protected when she is with her dragons" snapped the former knight. "Varyes you can go now. I assure you no one will know our exchange."

    Varys left.

    In the next morning as to the plan for the nautical approach to the King's Landing force of Daeneryes left the north for its headquarters to Dragonstone.




    The hall room of Dragonstone was lit with candles under which a flatly spread out map of the Westeros awaited to deliver a blueprint of the coming raid. The air was heavy with tension and uncertainty of the coming events. As to the plan, dothrakis along with the north bannermen seemed to invade through the plain led by Ser Davos while the nautical attack would be spearheaded by Greyworm and Jon Snow. Moreover, with the scales of the two beasts looming, destruction of south only seemed a matter of time.

    As the night dropped, the queen entered Jon's room but the mood of Aegon Targaryan(Jon) seemed no good for an intercourse. He was embittered at the waywardness of her beloved Dany and an argument followed only to upset the queen more. She went out to visit her dragons whom she found the only two under her control. There she bolstered her vision and wanted to see fear in her every opposition. She was carefree even if it had to come at the expense of mass destruction and civil war. But as soon as she was about to return from her noctural visit to dragons, she was obstructed by a knight. "You heard a story about the man from your brother who killed your father" he said " But you did not know the purpose". "It was to save the innocents and the same purpose today demands your death". Before the flustered and taken aback queen could tell anything he drew his sword and ripped her stomach. The voice of Danereyes could not be heard any more and it was Ser Jaime, the killer.

  • dibya1 15w

    Waking in a world of colour her butterfly mind was reborn. But no sooner did she decide to erupt in ecstasy and joy, she was disillusioned by a bang in the door. Much to her agony it confirmed that her former life is only a myth now, and if not dead the butterfly succumbed to stillness again.

  • dibya1 60w


    Instinct is as fire which gives birth to rich results if it is fuelled by productive thoughts but it destroys, burns and buries when left uncontrolled.