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  • dikshasethi__ 5w

    Another Heartbreak

  • dikshasethi__ 6w

    Halki fulki si hai zindagi,,
    Bojh to bs khwahishon ka hai !!!


  • dikshasethi__ 11w

    Sometimes I envy my own writings.
    They belong to him more
    than they could ever belong to me.


  • dikshasethi__ 13w

    Now that we've parted,I observe a million stars in those skies every night. Alas ! They're just never enough to replace your eyes.

  • dikshasethi__ 14w

    I know its like a day dream,
    I know its not happening.
    But atleast for once I want to go back to the start,
    And grab you for our happy ending.

    When I close my eyes its just you,
    And yes this imagination harms.
    But atleast for once I want to hold your hands tightly,
    And just rest in your arms.

    Things are not like usual,
    And so much is kept inside.
    But atleast for once I want to run my fingers in your hair,
    To talk,to laugh and to be by your side.

    These days are not letting me forget you,
    And so is this pain.
    But atleast for once I want to lay my head on your lap,
    And to stare at you again and again.

    My soul is wandering in search of you,
    And this heart is also not finding its shape.
    But atleast for once I want to get lost in your eyes,
    To find my serene,to find my escape.

    This end is not acceptable,
    And impossible is to restart.
    But atleast for once I want to cry on your shoulders,
    And to ask you to return my heart.

    Nothing is going to be at place,
    Our forever was surely a lie.
    But atleast for once I want to see you love me,
    Before I become a grave,before I die.

    @colourfulgreys @ditii @sunenasharma @smriti_koul @writersnetwork

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  • dikshasethi__ 15w

    The shooting star, to whom.my only wish is,cross my sky once again,and this time,I shouldn't let you go.

  • dikshasethi__ 15w

    No one ever really dies,they keep on breathing between memories.

  • dikshasethi__ 16w

    May be most of us
    would not be poets
    If life were all fair and
    love would clench no heartbreak

  • dikshasethi__ 16w

    पानी के बुलबुले सी एक लड़की थी
    होठों पर मुस्कान लिये घर से निकली थी
    कि पड़ नजर शैतानों की
    और डूब गयी नाव इंसानियत की
    ओढ ली थी काली चादर आसमान ने
    निर्वस्त्र कर दिया था भारत माँ को आज इस संसार ने
    चीखें गूँजती रही मासूम सी जान की
    बन गयी शिकार वो शैतानों के हवस की
    कहर की अविरल धारा बहती रही
    और वो ओस की बूंन्दो सी पिघलती रही
    जिस्म गलता रहा और तड़पती रही वो
    आखिर बन ही गयी लाश वो
    उसकी मृत आँखें जैसे सारा किस्सा बयां करती थी
    उसके मृत होंठ सिसकते यह कहते थे कि

    “ यह संसार नहीं दरिंदों का मेला है, नहीं रहना अब मुझे इस दुनिया में ,यहाँ सिर्फ अपमान मेरा है ।”
    “आज रेप मेरा नहीं इस देश का हुआ है, क्योंकि इस देश का कानून , अंधा है।”
    उसकी मृत काया मानो चीख—चीख कर एक ही गुहार लगाती है..
    “ कि तभी आग लगाना इस शरीर को,जब सुला दो इन लड़कियों में उन दरिंदों को
    और दिला न पाये इंसाफ मुझे, तो सड़ जाने देना इस शरीर को
    क्योंकि जल तो गयी थी मैं , उसी दिन को
    अब क्या जलाओगे तुम इस राख को —
    इस राख को ”।


  • dikshasethi__ 18w

    Love is not just winning someone,
    Or to just let someone else defeat.
    It is when someone says,'You make me happy',
    With you I feel complete.

    Love is not just an instagram story,
    It is about posting someone permanently in your heart.
    It is when you know you can't get that person,
    And still it is not setting you apart.

    Love is not just about being on bed,
    It is a meeting of two souls.
    No matter if you are sharing the same stage or not,
    Yet you both play your own different roles.

    Love is not when someone says yes,
    Sometimes it is just about vibes and you.
    When you know these tears are for that person,
    Whispering I love you and I miss you.

    Love is not when you hang out together,
    It is a craving when you are away.
    You know you are going to stick by the side,
    No matter if the other person is going to leave or stay.

    Love is not always mutual,
    Sometimes it means letting someone go.
    To see happiness in theirs,
    And you just go with the flow.

    Love is nothing but that one person,
    Yes the one you are looking for in each line.
    It is not complicated,we make it,
    Otherwise it is just pure,serene and divine.

    @mirakee @ditii @sunenasharma @smriti_koul @writersnetwork

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